First zero-punt game of NFL career “exciting”

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Riley Dixon has been in the NFL for seven seasons, played in over 100 games, and recorded over 500 career punts.

Last Sunday, the Rams’ punters achieved an unfamiliar first game. It’s his game of his NFL first zero punt of his career.

“(It) was exciting,” Dixon told on Thursday. “Of course I like what I do, but unless I’m puntting, that’s usually good for our team. A day without a six-pick punt isn’t a really great day for us. So this is also one of them.

The Rams scored on each of eight meaningful possessions in Week 16. The ninth was a kneeling to end the game. This left Dixon with additional point obligations as his primary and sole responsibility by the end of the game.

“It’s almost tough because you have to be loose for a three-hour match,” Dixon said. It’s kind of fun when you’re always waiting for an opportunity and never get it.”

Dixon commemorated this rare milestone by sharing a photo on social media of him and quarterback Baker Mayfield holding a zero. quarterback Tua Tagovailoa accomplished the same feat) early this season).

“I always remember seeing Thomas Mostted in New Orleans with Drew Brees. It must be pretty cool,’ I thought. ‘But yeah, in my seven-year career, it was my first.’

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