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Sir Elton John recently performed at Dodger Stadium for the final US show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Trek. billboard charted Rocket Man’s rise and pop culture skyward journey, from his first Hot 100 Top 10, “Your Song,” to his most recent “Hold Me Closer” with Britney Spears.

kinda funny…

Before ‘Border Song’ crossed over to the Hot 100, billboard covered John’s career-building U.S. debut in the September 5, 1970 issue of the Los Angeles Troubadour, noting his “Southern Comfort Style” vocals. “Your Song” was ranked in the Hot 100 by the November 28th issue, billboard It wasn’t fully ridden. “Elton John faces a big decision in his short career. Will he give up his valid musical skills in favor of being a ‘stage freak’?” I sniffed out “cheap and silly” antics such as “hitting the keyboard with my boots”. Lord Elton, never mind that we put this down in words.

benny and jet set

By the time the rockers hit the Hollywood Bowl in 1973 with “Torrent of Homing Pigeons” and “None other than Linda Lovelace,” deep throat Fame”, the October 6 issue was more supportive of his “unusually flashy” and “high-energy piano vocal styling”.In the following issue, MCA Records executives announced that the two-album Goodbye yellow brick road We were enjoying the label’s “biggest initial order ever”.

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By 1976, John was ubiquitous. “Elton John’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ can be played once in his hour, and half an hour later he has four or five phone requests,” said the Philadelphia DJ in his June I was surprised in the 12th issue. A survey of his listeners who regularly buy records in the August 7 issue of Radio revealed that “27.8% of respondents clearly liked John.” . on July 31st billboard, his name was used as an abbreviation for rock and roll itself. “Steve Ford, son of President Ford, has been in more rock shows than Elton John these days.”

Still standing – and thriving

By the mid-1990s, John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won an Academy Award. And, as reported in the October 11, 1997 issue, John’s tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, “Candle in the Wind 1997,” was the first to sell nearly 3.5 million of his singles. , SoundScan blew the previous week’s biggest record”. week. The following year, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

In 1992 John founded a pioneering HIV/AIDS non-profit organization. October 24, 2015, billboard “I truly believe that in my lifetime I will have seen the first and last days of the AIDS epidemic,” John wrote on the cover with his friend Lady Gaga. increase. Gaga was inspired. “When I’m with him,” she said billboard“I just want to be a part of his genius plan to save the world.”

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