Funding approved for career firefighters for South Hays Fire Department

Recently, Hayes County Emergency Services District 3 approved funding for the South Hayes Fire Department.

Today, the South Hayes Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire station staffed by dedicated men and women.

Hayes County ESD 3 said in a news release: “The economy is in a tough spot, people are leaving the area for work and school, and training to become a firefighter is extensive.”

Hays County ESD 3 said its call volume, along with surrounding departments, has increased significantly over the past decade.

Because the tax base was not where it needed to be to hire firefighters, the district focused on improving infrastructure and services to the community by: If you’re looking to jumpstart your career as a firefighter, come to South Hayes to get started. They volunteer during their training and eventually become professional firefighters.

• Upgrading vehicles so that each fire station has a reliable complement to meet the needs of its part of the district.

• Improve facilities for the preparation of career staff.

• Update policies and procedures for preparing career staff.

• Improve the district’s ISO rating. The ISO Public Protection Rating for all property owners residing in Hays County Emergency Services District #3 has been changed from ISO PPC Class 7/9 to ISO PPC Class 4/4Y. Our residents can enjoy significantly reduced homeowner insurance premiums.

The Fire Board approved funding for the 2023 South Hayes Fire Department Career Fire Staff at its meeting on Monday, December 19.

“This will make South Hayes a combination fire station with career and volunteer staff,” said Hayes ESD 3. “A lot of hard work went into the development of this plan by the Chief Executive, firefighters and the Fire Commission. Additionally, we would like to thank the Hays County Judges and Commissioners for their continued support. ”

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