Gabrielle Aplin owes her career to The Power Of Love cover | Entertainment

Gabrielle Aplin continues to perform a cover of ‘The Power Of Love’ for her fans.

The singer-songwriter rose to fame after her cover of the John Lewis TV commercial for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ’80s classic topped the UK charts… from her setlist.

In an interview with Music Week, she said: But I can’t say she would have the career she has today without it. [song]And I got over myself because I love it. Six years ago I went to see Damien Rice at the Palladium and he wasn’t playing Cannonball. And obviously, it’s his artistic right, but I was like, ‘We’re all here and I know we want that song! So I was like, “What do you know? Play ‘The Power Of Love’ and you’ll appreciate it.”

Gabrielle has just returned with her fourth studio album, Phosphorescent, and this is the first time she feels in complete control as an artist.

She explains: [2013’s ‘English Rain’] When [producer] Mike Spencer, it’s not that I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was my first time and all these amazing, crazy things were happening and I was just rolling with it. Working with him again this time felt like starting all over again, but as an adult, it required experience and hindsight. I’m so excited because we had such a great time recording. Creating all kinds of projects was probably the best experience I have ever had, mainly because I was forced to work as an artist in a traditional way. “

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