Getting Joey Gallo a raise is Scott Boras’ career greatest achievement

Scott Boras negotiated over $1 billion in contracts for clients this winter. But his biggest win isn’t Xander his Bogaerts huge payday. Or Carlos Correa or Carlos Rodon. This transaction accounts for about 1% of the total transport volume.

Former Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo signed a one-year, $11 million contract with the Twins last week. 160 combined with the Bombers and Dodgers in his 2022, and he will make $1 million more than he did when he struck out in 46.5% of the at-bats (yes. , he hit his 19th home run).

What a world.

Gallo failed to function in New York, but was an All-Star for the Rangers. Playing for the Twins is much closer to the experience of the latter than the former. This could push his batting average into the .210 range. And he can really make money next winter. It could be a good signature for all parties.

I still think about this quote to the Los Angeles Times after Gallo’s deal.

No offense to New York, but I lived in a smaller apartment for the same price. Yeah, it’s definitely a bit more laid-back environment and that’s the difference between different cities in general.

Gallo won’t get a beach in Minneapolis. But he’ll get thousands of lakes.

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