Glenwood Springs girls basketball coach Rhonda Moser nabs 100th career win

Glenwood Springs High School girls’ basketball coach Rhonda Moser watches from the bench.
John Stroud/Glenwood Springs Post Independent

At least someone was tracking them. Rhonda Moser had no idea when she left courtside.

Moser is the certified head coach of girls’ basketball at Glenwood Springs High School. Jordan DeCrow is her grumpy assistant her coach.

“I was completely shocked and caught off guard after the match,” Moser said. “Jordan DeCrow pays attention to detail.”

DeCrow gave Moser a new benchmark after the Demons’ 46-39 win over Erie on the road Monday night.

Moser, understandably surprised, passed this message on to her team. Moser stressed that her team hadn’t beat Ellie since the Demons senior was a freshman this year.

“They were all very supportive,” Moser said of her players. is about.”

Moser has led Demons Girls Basketball since 2015 and has a 100-67 record as head coach. To start, he still has 14 regular season games left in the 2022-23 season. The schedule resumes on his January 4th with a game against Green Mountain.

It’s one thing to have so many victories. Moser, on the contrary, actually appreciates and appreciates defeat. They are lessons on how to improve, she points out.

In fact, Moser’s first two seasons as head coach finished below .500. But that didn’t deter Moser as he helped lead his 2017-18 season to victory. Since then, all Satanic campaigns have ended with their heads above the water.

“When you lose, it creates growth,” Moser said. “That’s what we’re looking for now.”

Moser’s career of over 100 wins has had some very special moments. One of his great performances that Moser remembers is when Glenwood finally beat Rifle on Senior Night. Rifle is former Bears head coach Christy, a team that essentially dominated the Western Slope for years under the tutelage of Wallner.

Moser also fondly recalls the Demon Invite in 2017 when Glenwood delivered a hard-fought victory over Faith Christian.

“That was when Faith Christian was at the top of his game,” Moser said. “The 3-point buzzer beater went into overtime.

“It was a lot of fun.”

But what really stood out for Moser was coaching women’s basketball at Glenwood during COVID-19. Her players not only played during the most unique period in high school basketball history, they also won the league her championship and later defeated Weld Her Central in the Sweet 16.

In this 2021 file photo, Glenwood Springs High School girls’ basketball coach Rhonda Moser speaks to players in the locker room during halftime of a game against the Rifle Bears.
Chelsea Self/Glenwood Springs Post Independent

“When you look back on the hard times, you think of all the adversity,” she said. “Who would have thought you would wear a mask to play basketball?

“Hey, that was a big win.”

One of Moser’s ultimate goals going forward is to join strong teams like Durango and Montrose to prove to the rest of Colorado that Western Slope basketball is now a force to be reckoned with.

“We’re all in the top 12 in the state,” she said. “This wasn’t always the case when I first started.”

Doing so means Moser will lead Glenwood Springs women’s basketball to its fourth consecutive Western Slope League championship, currently playing at Class 5A level under this year’s reorganized classification. .

“This group of seniors has worked really hard,” Moser said. “They really want a four-peat. I want them to win the league every year in high school, and I want them to compete deeper in the state playoffs.”

The Demons are standing 7-2 heading into the holiday break. Before Monday, they lost to Wyoming’s Campbell County on Saturday, where he lost 50-42. Moser hopes this loss will lead to more victories.

Moser graduated from Basalt High School in 1989. He received his bachelor’s degree in Greeley, Northern Colorado. A former U.S. Navy officer, Moser has owned the Glenwood Springs law firm since 2004.


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