Golin Launches Night School Career Development for Working Adults

IPG agency Golin has introduced a new DEI-focused program called Night School for working adults from marginalized communities interested in transitioning to a creativity-based industry.

A free 8-week career development and coaching program designed to transform your life. Originally launched in Gorin’s UK market, the program includes hands-on training with industry experts in areas such as copywriting, art direction, planning and production.

The first program in the US started late September last year with a training course for 12 recruited students based in Chicago, Dallas and New York. Each adult student will receive a financial scholarship to complete a personal and professional branding project, culminating in a live trade show for industry leaders in Chicago on February 8th. Students then receive mentors to help them progress into their personally relevant areas of the industry.

“Night School was founded to help open doors to the creative industries. George Bryant, Golin’s group chief creative officer said in a statement. “We believe that diverse and inclusive voices make our company and the wider industry stronger.

Current students in Golin’s Night School classes come from a variety of nonprofit, private, and public sector careers, including copy editors, alumni professionals, social media managers, television production assistants, marketing analysts, creative producers, and visual designers. I’m here. Night School participants do not need to have a college degree or experience in the creative industry.

“Programs like Night School speak directly to Gorin’s commitment to developing the tools and educating people in the skills they need to succeed in PR and other creative industries. Natasha Odell Archer, Senior Vice President of DE&I at Golin. “Our motto is ‘Make a difference that matters,’ and by mentoring a diverse group of individuals, we are able to enable success not just for our program members, but for the industry as a whole.”

O’Dell Archer continued, Golin hopes that in the near future, opportunities like the Night School program will be available to all employees.

“Participating in programs such as Night School has helped me develop the skills and knowledge for personal success.” Tania Foster, one of the students in the 2022-2023 Night School class. “Thanks to the program’s excellent leadership and guidance, I feel prepared to carve my own path in the creative industry.”

If you are interested in future programs or would like to attend the exhibition in February, please email marketing@golin.com for more information.

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