Goodwiill VP builds on expansive career

The phrase “diversity is the spice of life” fits Kristy Swanson.

A longtime friend at the Waco Convention Center and the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Swanson has moved into a new role as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries.

“Heart of Texas Goodwill is more than a retail store, it’s more than an apprenticeship,” she said. “Changing lives is truly a mission. The agency serves 20 of her counties, with facilities concentrated in Brazos, Bell, Coryell, and McLennan counties.

“While retailers generate revenue to invest in training programs such as Operation Good Jobs and Rise, our Mission Services team provides wraparound opportunities to help people keep jobs and improve their quality of life. We go one step further by offering services and resource referrals.”

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Joining Goodwill in 2022, Swanson is committed to promoting the brand and sharing stories.

“I am responsible for all marketing campaigns, ad production, special events and community development,” she said. “In my first year, together with my partner at KXXV, I organized her calendar full of Goodwill her week activities, customer appreciation events, and new season campaign her commercials.

“Best of all, our annual Goodwill Gala raised an incredible amount of money for our educational and vocational programs. Each Mission Moments video shares the journey of program participants to success.

“The Stolen Moment is what ignites my passion and refocuses my intentions. It’s up to me to connect the

The role of good intentions also fulfills goals born from a dark life.

“In 2013 and 2014, I had a motorcycle accident that left me blank and it took a toll on me until I lost my parents,” she said. “I remember waking up one day and declaring that things were going to change.

“I made a list of all the things I wanted to do in my marketing career. I put it all out into space.

“Then I got pissed off and said, ‘God, get behind the wheel. Where shall we go?’ That was the moment I completely surrendered, and it’s been a wild road since then.”


In May 2015, he joined the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as Marketing and Development Manager.

“I loved it. All the members felt like family,” she said. “It was my first job where I was put in charge of all marketing activities, from social media to event planning. It was my dream job. I was headhunted and had the opportunity to become the Behringer Group LLC’s first Director of Marketing.”

At Behringer, he was responsible for marketing campaigns, special events and public relations for four local businesses, including sales and management of the Downtown 301 Event Center.

“It’s been the most intense year yet, with daily mashups of Shark Tank and master’s degree boot camp, but it’s been a lot of fun,” said Swanson. “I have learned and grown a lot as a marketing professional. Over the next year, I enjoyed staying home with a ranger (her family Yorkshire Terrier) while working with nonprofits and women-owned businesses. We launched our own marketing company, Limelight Social, focused on the marketing needs of small businesses.”

While looking for clients, I discovered that Rainey & Rainey Law Firm was looking for a Marketing Manager.

“I’ve always loved law and knew that Mr. and Mrs. Rainey were longtime members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,” she said. “I have been with them for two years and have networked with local nursing homes and senior services agencies during the pandemic.

“In late 2021, I needed a change for my mental health and I had no idea what it was. I noticed a job advert for Goodwill Industries. list It immediately came to mind. The only thing left was to serve as corporate vice president. I applied purely out of curiosity, but was all-in at the first interview.

growing up

Although born in San Antonio, Swanson has called Waco home since he was six years old. She attended her ISD in Midway through her elementary and middle school, and in the 9th grade she transferred to Vanguard College Preparatory School, although she graduated from Waco High School as a junior.

“Thanks to MCC’s partnership with Tarleton State University’s University Center, all three of my college degrees were completed on the McLennan Community College campus,” she said.

She and her husband Majidi live in Spring, China and have been married for over 12 years. Majidi She owns TNT Transportation. “Her sons Nick, 30, and Chris, 25, are adults, but her husband and I still live here because we love the community and the culture here,” she said. because there is.”

“We got married at the McLennan County Courthouse on our lunch break. One hour to life!” she jokes. “We are polar opposites in personality but completely similar in values. Our favorite things to do are watch sports and movies with her four-legged boss Ranger on the backyard patio. .”

Swanson says he’s been in some kind of sales or marketing role since he was 14.

“My first job was as a seasonal window designer for a small Christmas store. By the time I was 16, I was an assistant manager,” she recalls. “My professional career began in 2003 when Liz Taylor offered her the chance to be her Waco Convention Center’s new local sales representative.

“I started working in the wedding market and small local banquet type events. After 13 years I finished my career as a Convention Sales Manager and Certified Meeting Planner in the City of Waco.”

In her role in the city, she worked with Hispanic Chamber events and Alfredo Solano, who was the Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber.

“He eventually recruited me to a board at the Hispanic Chamber,” she recalls. “During her 2-3 years on the board, I got to know the non-profit world and absolutely loved it. I loved the focus on service and relationships, not just sales and money. .”

In my spare time, I love exploring.

“I’m a chronic insomniac and hate sitting still, so I’m always up for adventure,” Swanson said. “Granberry, Georgetown, Heiko, Grapevine – you name it, I’m loaded with snacks and a playlist and ready to hit the open road. Maybe a bit of a shopaholic, but it are called economic development studies.

As she approaches 50, she’s a little more reflective.

“When I look back, I see how every job prepared me for the next one,” she said. Not to mention Mayor Kathy Rice, Mayor (Linda) Etheridge, Mayor (May) Jackson, Mayor (Virginia) Dupuis and half a dozen female division CEOs.

“I was able to learn how they communicated, how they acted, how they built relationships.

“My biggest career advice to women is just do it,” she said. Skills you want to learn — You’re never too old to learn Follow your intuition and passion Life is too short to play it safe

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