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Google announced that the Google Career Certificate is now available to students across the University of Texas and Texas State University systems. This provides the potential to reach tens of thousands of students across the state.

Google Career Certificates equip individuals with work-ready skills in the areas of data analytics, e-commerce and digital marketing, IT support, automation with Python, project management, and user experience (UX) design.

This is Google’s largest statewide university partnership to date, where the university system will incorporate certificates into undergraduate degree programs and co-curricular experiences, offering the option to earn university credit.

Texas 2036 will list Google Career Certificates on the National Register as part of an effort to expand the state’s database of postsecondary qualifications.

Texas 2036 is a public policy think tank founded by Dallas attorney Tom Luce.

“Texas is known as a leader in the global economy thanks to our diverse and competitive workforce. Ensuring people are prepared for the highly skilled and high paying jobs of the future.Announcement.We are proud of the innovation happening here in Lone Star State and believe this partnership will be a plus for years to come. We look forward to making an impact.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott likewise touted the positive effects of the program.

“Texas is the center of innovation in the United States and a leader in the global technology industry. ​​” Abbott said in a statement. “Through the Google Career Certificates program, Texas will develop the technology industry talent pool into a highly skilled workforce that is ready to grow and thrive in our fast-growing economy. Thank you for working with us to help prepare thousands of Texas students for high-paying jobs and opportunities for success.”

By 2030, the UT system will show that more than 60% of jobs in Texas will require post-secondary qualifications such as degrees and certificates, but more than half of Texans will be trained for these jobs. says no.

The Texas Higher Education Commission wants to close this gap with the goal of enabling 60% of working-age Texans to earn a degree, certificate, or post-secondary qualification by 2030. increase. One way the University of Texas and Texas State University system is contributing to this effort is by offering the Google Career Certificates program, the system says.

“Combining a bachelor’s degree with a Google certification gives us graduates with a wide range of education and specific skills. It’s a great combination for students and employers,” said James B., Dean of UT Systems. . Milliken said in a statement. “With Texas’ population projected to double by 2050 and Texas projected to have the highest net employment growth of any state by 2030, UT’s educational institutions We are proud to be leading efforts to meet the demands of our state’s workforce and industry, while positioning our graduates as successful and professional growth in the modern job market.”

Brian McCall, system dean at Texas State University, says graduates need to be on the market to find the best jobs.

“Employers in Texas say they want graduates with marketable skills they can rush to when they leave college,” McCall said in a statement. “Our seven member institutions are doing an excellent job of developing these skills as part of their current degree programs. We are proud to offer a career certificate to prove it.”

Google said its employees developed the Google Career Certificate to help increase the number of skilled talent in high-demand fields.

Google says the certificates available on Coursera require no degree or experience and can be completed within three to six months of part-time study. The program includes an employer consortium of over 150 companies, including Texas-based companies such as AT&T, Dell and Google, committed to considering graduates for relevant entry-level roles. I’m here.

More than 100,000 people in the United States have graduated from the program, and 75% of them report a positive career impact, such as a new job, higher salary, or promotion within six months of completing the program.

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