GROW-ing through learning career assessment sessions by Learning Grove continue at library

“What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” This is an all too common question and sometimes not always easy to answer.

or is it?

If you find yourself stuck with a question, you can find the answer at a series of events held at the Kenton County Public Library in Covington.

NaviGo, the college and career readiness arm of Learning Grove, invites you to learn about the best career opportunities for Northern Kentucky’s future workforce at one of its upcoming YouScience Aptitude Discovery events.

The first session was held in mid-December, with monthly sessions scheduled for January, February and March.

Held from 6-8pm at the Covington Chapter of the Kenton County Public Library, this monthly event presents YouScience assessment results and a list of over 500 careers. In doing so, participants will see which career best fits their skills and interests in a scheduled free follow-up session to discuss the results and next steps.

The information session is funded by a grant NaviGo received from the City of Covington. An $85,000 American Rescue Planning Act (ARPA) grant will help NaviGo support workforce development and job training programs such as these his NaviGo Evaluation events. NaviGo’s assessment also works in conjunction with GROW NKY’s Workforce Pillar to coordinate and communicate community resources that can provide meaningful opportunities in high-demand sectors.

Covington Mayor Joe Meyer said there were several factors that influenced the city’s decision to award the grant to Learning Grove’s NaviGo division.

“One of the biggest drivers of family success is household income, so when we heard about Learning Grove’s NaviGo program to help the city improve career preparation, we were eager to help. Governments can’t and shouldn’t tackle these complex issues alone, but they can partner with long-standing organizations like Learning Grove,” Meyer said. “We believe this is a worthwhile investment for the city’s American Rescue Plan Act fund and will benefit both the city and its families for generations to come.”

Shannon Starkey Taylor, CEO of Learning Grove and member of the NKY Workforce Investment Board, agrees.

“As a community, we all play an active role in helping our youth succeed and in the great work our schools do for our students. , and we are honored to be a key partner in workforce development efforts in many other regions.Learning Grove’s primary goal is to foster lifelong success,” said Starkey Taylor. “The transition from middle school to high school, college and career is an important, sometimes confusing and challenging transition point for our young people and their families. We are thrilled to provide, help and empower young people to develop actionable plans to achieve their future career goals.”

NaviGo executive director Dr. Kathy Burkhardt says assessments are a “hope-building tool” intended to act as a “bridge from schools and students to businesses.”

“Often, I see young people entering a career path they hate only to spend a lot of time, money and resources learning about it and getting to the point where they decide, ‘This isn’t for me. increase. ‘–Our overall goal is to avoid that,’ he says Burkhardt. “We also know that there is a large exposure gap, not just in northern Kentucky, but nationally.

“So many students take YouScience and other aptitude tests, but they may not be interested in engineering or anything (similar) because they’ve never been exposed to a career like that. It’s about sharing the opportunities out there, providing support to get people engaged and engaged, and helping them find pathways to make their hopes and dreams come true.”

In doing so, Berkhardt hopes the public will understand that “none of us can do it alone” but that by uniting and supporting each other we can all achieve. is.

“What I love about GROW NKY, the Workforce Improvement Board, the Northern Kentucky Chamber, and all of our school and school district businesses is that everyone understands the value and collective impact and shares responsibility.” Burkhardt says. “How we fit in is that as one of our many partners, everyone brings the best resources to the table to benefit as many people as possible, individuals as well as businesses. and that will impact the entire region in a very positive and productive way.”

Dave Schroeder, director of Kenton County Public Libraries, said his organization is proud to partner with Learning Globe on projects that “help students and young people on their career development journey.”

“This collaboration will provide patrons attending sessions at our Covington branch with access to the YouScience platform. It provides a personalized experience,” says Schroeder. “Partnerships of this kind leverage resources, expertise and technology to provide a better quality of life for residents in our area. Learning Grove and Kenton County Public Library are committed to student success and career development. We are committed and proud to work together to provide access to YouScience to our community.”

NaviGo will host three more sessions of YouScience Aptitude Discovery on January 9, February 13 and March 13, 2023 at the Covington Chapter of the Kenton County Public Library (502 Scott St., Covington) . Click to register for the January 9th event. Here.

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