Hall of Fame selection is validation for career

Looking back, Johnson shared the honor not only with his wife Susan and daughter Kaitlyn, but also with the hundreds of athletes he has competed with and dozens of coaches.

“It’s a tremendous honor and it’s not something you achieve alone,” he said.

Johnson recalled his beginnings taking a job as a defensive line coach for the Georgia Southerns on the Ark Russell staff before eventually becoming an offensive coordinator. In Statesboro, the Eagles designed a triple his option his scheme that helped him win the FCS (then called Division I-AA) national title in 1985–86, and he became the identity of

“We developed a basic offense that we have been using for years at Georgia Southern. , rewrote almost every offensive record,” Johnson said. “And when I went back to head coach, there were Greg Hill, J.R. Revere, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and so many other players. can not.”

expeditionAchievements of Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech

On the topic of Russell, Johnson was asked about the campaign to induct the late coach into the College Football Hall of Fame. He won three of his I-AA national championships at Georgia Southern, and although he was the defensive coordinator for Georgia’s 1980 national championship team, Russell believes that coaching candidates are at least his best. has not met the National Football Foundation’s requirement to head his coach for 10 years. Russell was the eight head coach.

“I think they have to set the rules somehow, but it’s probably above my pay grade,” Johnson said. “Surely he deserves it. You see all he has achieved and what he has done.”

During his career, Johnson downplayed the idiosyncrasies of the plan, and did so again on Wednesday.

Sin is just that. It’s a violation,” he said. “And whatever you do, as long as you can figure it out and fix it, I think you have a chance. I think it gives you a chance to compete. If you know how to fix it and know what to do with it, you have an advantage.”

He said he wasn’t surprised to see option plays and schemes implemented on offenses, even at the NFL level. After retiring from Tech at the end of the 2018 season, Johnson was invited to the Baltimore Ravens to provide input on installing an optional element for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“The problem is that everyone in football, whether they call it that or not, does some form of option,” he said. “Zone leads are just a two-way option. Football evolves and it comes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see someone doing the same thing as us at some point. The problem is that perception.Everyone wants to beat it.”

Johnson was asked about his favorite win and most painful loss. He was always competitive and his heart went straight to losing. First and foremost is Georgia his Southern turnover-plagued loss in his 1998 I-AA National Championship Game against Massachusetts. Johnson called the team “probably the best football team I’ve coached.”

The other was a Navy bowl game loss to Boston College in 2006, led by future Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

As the cadets try to run out of time, Johnson said: And the guy dropped it and they got it and went in (to score). “

Asked again to recall a precious victory, Johnson’s mind remained haunted by the game he had escaped from, this time resulting in Tech’s 2010 loss to Georgia in Athens. I remember the victory. Jackets’ “The Kick and the Pick” overtime win against the Bulldogs in 2014 is most remembered for kicker Harrison’s Butcher overtime forced field his goal and cornerback DJ White’s game-ending interception.

Johnson, 65, is enjoying his retirement. He and Susan moved permanently to their home in the western North Carolina mountains, but spent the winter in Arizona, where his daughter (now married and known as Caitlin Savrowski) lives. increase. He said he was going to walk the dog on Wednesday and then go to the racetrack.

He said he misses competition and relationships. and spending time with his family. “

The induction ceremony will take place at The Football Foundation’s annual awards dinner in Las Vegas on December 5. In a video posted on his team’s Twitter account, Athletic’s director J. Batt told Johnson of Hall’s honor, in a video posted to his team’s Twitter account, Batt told Johnson, ‘Honor you in Atlanta in the fall. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

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