Hallsville beats NC boys basketball; Craighead has career scoring night

North Callaway Boys Basketball’s Isiah Craighead had the best offensive game of his high school career, scoring a game-high 21 points (48.8% overall).

Unfortunately, Hallsville won North Callaway for the second time this season, defeating the Thunderbirds 68-43 in Hallsville on Tuesday night. The result put North Callaway under . 500 (4-5) and Hallsville where he went 7-1.

The Indians would have done better without Craighead. In addition to his solid scoring display, Craighead tallied a team-high two steals and tied the team lead with six rebounds.

“Most of his shots were midrange and inside,” said North Callaway coach Matt Miller. “He’s a talented scorer and has a lot of skill. He can handle it, break down the pressure, attack the rim and stuff like that, he doesn’t have to catch it and shoot blocks. You can. He was really involved as a basketball player and had a really great night.

It may have been Craighead’s night for the Thunderbirds, but it also meant that North Callaway had another player who was leading the team in scoring in the last three games.

“We are balancing,” said Miller. “There are a lot of players who can score in basketball. The problem is that the ball sticks too much to one player. One player thinks he needs to score this time. Share basketball, If we take care of basketball, we’ve got a guy to put it in a hole, and it’s all about trusting each other and trusting yourself.

The Thunderbirds had one individual make it, while Hallsville had three players with double-digit scoring games.

“I have five players who can pass, dribble and shoot at any given time,” Miller said. “Their big guy, Post Guy, is a really good passer and very skilled. They can always spread the floor and get great ball movement.”

The Indian showed off his offensive ability from the jump and started the contest with a 7-0.

“It puts a lot of pressure on you, especially on the road,” said Miller. “And you’re always trying to climb uphill. And you’re always playing from behind in a tough environment against a good team that can beat you early. Keeping up with that pace is Is difficult.”

But North Callaway responded. Following Hallsville’s excellent start, the Thunderbirds continued his 9-for-5 run to cut the deficit to his 3-point run.

Samuel Pezold and Craighead created two buckets while North Callaway’s scoring skyrocketed. Matthew Weber’s free throw was the final point of the Thunderbirds’ run.

Momentum changed again at the end of the first quarter, with the Indians beating North Callaway 9-2 after a run by the Thunderbirds. Four players scored for Hallsville during that time, with Colton his Garner steal and layup in transition being the highlights.

Garner, who scored 28 points in the first inter-team meeting of the season, posted 8 of a team-high 19 points in Hallsville in the first quarter and finished the first half with 11.

“He’s a good player. One of the best players in the area, right?” Miller said. “So at 6’5, he can step out and shoot it. And whenever things go wrong, he can get up and get an offensive rebound. I let him play well (laughs); and he’s still finding a way.”

In the second quarter, the Indian made two 3-pointers for half the points.

Blake Stone scored Hallsville’s first goal from deep in the second, shooting from the right corner. Jackson Smith made his second 3-pointer for the Indians. He collected an offensive rebound before sinking a deep tray.

North Callaway held the Indians seven points short in the second quarter, but the Thunderbirds scored just 10 points, two fewer than in the first.

Craighead scored six points in the second quarter and gave North Callaway two rebounds.

After the break, Hallsville had a 10-2 run to start the second half, with Garner scoring six points during that time. But North Callaway finished the third quarter with an 11-5 run.

Craighead was also integral to this, as was North Callaway’s long scoring run in the first half. He scored 6 of the team’s 11 points. Webber played another of his key roles for the Thunderbirds in the run.

North Callaway were unable to continue their attack going into the 4th quarter. The Thunderbirds had just 6 points and Hallsville had 18.

The final eight minutes highlighted why the Indians won.

“This game will help us when the new year is around the corner,” said Miller. It will help us qualify for the competition…the last two losses against good, tough teams, but we’re going to learn from them.”

New Year’s Day North Callaway (4-5) will take on Callaway Cup foes South Callaway (5-4) on Tuesday at 7:30 PM in Kingdom City. Both teams met him twice last season, with each team picking up his one win. Both matches were played at South Callaway.

“It’s going to be our second home game,” Miller said. “That’s kind of how our schedule worked out. We had them come to our place this year. We’re really, really excited about it, and I’m sure we’ll be excited.”

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