Hands-on approach sparks students’ passion at Elkhart Area Career Center open house

Elkhart, Indiana (WNDU) – The Elkhart Area Career Center today held its annual open house to help local students focus on possible careers while emphasizing project-, service-, and work-based education Did.

“I had never welded before. I was looking for something very hands-on and project-oriented,” said Patrick Loesch, a student at the Elkhart Area Career Center. “I’m fine in the classroom, but I learn a lot by actually using my hands and moving my body.”

Although only juniors and seniors are admitted to the Career Center, the open house allowed high school and middle school students to preview their future careers.

Brandon Ekins, Director of the Elkhart Area Career Center, said: “So you guys were[examined]in the veterinary program. There are a lot of young people who want to get into veterinary medicine because they like obscure things. I mean, who doesn’t like dogs and kittens, right?” But the reality of working in a veterinary hospital isn’t shining like sunshine and rainbows every day.As you know, we have so many animals in need and difficult decisions to make. So I think it’s good for students to get the big picture.”

Career Center students attend half a day of high school general study classes and spend the rest of the day in CTE’s Career Center, or “Career Technology and Education Programme.”

“I originally wanted to be a diesel tech mechanic, but once I got here, I knew that was what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do after high school,” said a student at the Elkhart Area Career Center. Peyton said. Maro said.

Career Center’s diverse programs include a variety of medical disciplines, computer science, law enforcement, first responders, welding, automotive, cooking, and beauty, allowing students to explore a variety of challenges and hopefully their passions. can stir up.

“I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but welding is an in-demand profession and there are many opportunities everywhere in the country,” Loesch added. “So after high school, whatever you do, wherever you go, it opens up a lot of doors for you.”

The Elkhart Area Career Center is not just for Elkhart students. They serve students from all over Michiana.

“We serve every school in Elkhart County except Fairfield: Elkhart, Concord, Jimtown, Northwood, Northridge and Goshen,” Ekins explains. “We serve Penn in Mishawaka, St. Joseph County. We serve students in Marshall County, Edwardsburg, Michigan, four private schools, and homeschoolers.”

Director Eakins also explained the latest additions to the course catalog.

“Last year we launched two new programs. One is our surgical service. There is a huge shortage of surgical technicians in our community, but we also have a shortage of aseptic processing,” says Eakins. says Mr. “These are his two main areas where we need people, and before we started the program, people had to go to either Valparaiso, Kokomo, or Fort Wayne for an hour and 15 minutes. It didn’t.”

Eakins explained the time and effort it takes to add new programs and how the Career Center needs community support to keep growing.

“So what we’re doing is seeing that need. It’s a research process,” said Eakins. “It takes about a year and a half to flip a program. We’re really looking at the resources, the space we have, and the community partnership part, because a lot of those areas require support from the community.”

If you are interested in participating in or supporting an Elkhart Area Career Center, please contact the Career Center directly through our website.

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