Hans Zimmer Names Interstellar Score as Best Work of His Career

Hans Zimmer named Christopher Nolan’s 2014 film score to provide his own take on his storied discography interstellar As his favorite with the caveat that his best is yet to come.

The German composer revealed the answer in a video clip he shared on TikTok. “People always ask me what my favorite score is, and I keep avoiding answering that question. “My first favorite song I ever wrote was interstellarOr you haven’t written your favorite score yet. So maybe it’s a better answer. ”

Look at Zimmer’s name, interstellar Score below.

Considering Zimmer has over 100 soundtracks and film scores from the early 1980s, his best work is well debated. The Lion King, Inception, dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbeanand Gladiator are among his most notable works.

2017, result named him Composer of the Year for his work Dunkirk When blade runner 2049which he has since followed with an Oscar-winning score sand dunes As well as blockbuster movies like No Times To Die When Top Gun: Maverick.

Next, Zimmer will release a live double album with highlights from his career. It was recorded over 10 nights during the 2022 ‘Hans Zimmer LIVE’ tour with Zimmer’s 20-piece band ‘The Disruptive Collective’. Pre-orders are underway ahead of the March 3, 2023 release. He also plans a European tour in 2023. Get your tickets for these dates at Ticketmaster.

he is also going to score Dunes: Part 2 When Mufasa: The Lion Kingwhich are scheduled to be released in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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I thought I would never admit my favorite score, but it might be this one. The new #Interstellar Suite from @hanszimmerlive’s double album is available wherever you stream your music! 🎶

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