Hartman’s Career Night Leads Rosecrans to Victory

Bishop Rosecrans welcomes the Fairfield Christian Knights to Zanesville. Rosecrans are trying to bounce back after losing their last outing. There’s no better way to do that than for the young shooter to perform well on his guard.

Fairfield Christian fighting Rosecrans.

Look at this inbound path for Q1. From Grady Labishak to Brendan Bernath for a bucket he returns to Labishak. A nice quick pass leads to points for Bishops.

Later in the quarter, Rosecrans made a three-ball work. James Goggin drives right, kicks to Weston Hartman in the open, and the 3-pointer is money. Hartman starts the count and Bishops leads 13-8 on him.

Just before the quarter break, Labishak goes to Hartman and is good again. His second his three in the first half.

Entering the second quarter, Labishak turned his attention to Hartman, again a 3-pointer bullseye, and a 3 3-pointer 27-15 Bishops in the first half.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think he did it? Mann’s assist is easy as Labishak puts the ball up again and this evening at 32-27 he puts the ball into the hands of Hartman, who tripled for him in the fourth.

And if 2 seconds before half isn’t enough, drill the buzzer beater. He marks 15 points in the first half of 19, though coming via a deep ball. Hartman won his 12-for-8 out of downtown and finished with his career-high 30. Three’s school record in games is 10. Labishak added his 27 points. Rosecrans won his 78-52 and in conference play he improved to 4-0.

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