How marketing compensation and roles are changing

I hesitate to use the term post-pandemic with confidence, but marketing today takes place in a space that has been (perhaps irrevocably) changed by COVID-19. Yes, marketers are returning to work. Many conferences and expositions are held in person. You can meet prospects in person instead of via video.

However, the importance of digital marketing is unlikely to diminish. Along with that comes the increasing importance of digital content and digital experiences, the growth of e-commerce in almost every industry, and the interest in virtual events.

what do you mean? As you can imagine, the importance of the digital martech stack is growing.

“Great Marketing Reboot”. We are also seeing major changes in the human side of marketing. Many marketing professionals have left the space. Some have changed jobs from full-time employees to freelancers and contract employees. Whether you are a marketer or a marketing he operations professional, there are great opportunities and challenges for those in the early stages of their careers.

Chris Penn, data scientist and MarTech contributor, calls it “a great reboot of marketing.” In this survey, we introduced a new question asking if you are witnessing the same phenomenon in your own marketing organization or in other organizations.

follow the money We also, as always, ask if the situation has affected your salary in a positive or negative way, and about your career trajectory.

As before, we are partnering with Scott Brinker and to investigate. It should not take more than a few minutes to complete. We look forward to sharing the results soon.

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