How Raiders’ Jarrett Stidham Felt About First Career Start

Jarrett Stidham made his first starting quarterback in the NFL on Sunday and put together a surprisingly capable performance for the Las Vegas Raiders despite the loss.

It was Stidham’s first start of a four-year career, and Las Vegas bench starter Derek Carr came on the bench earlier in the week in a clear effort to protect his trade value. The 26-year-old is impressive, with 365 yards and three touchdowns he completed 23 of 34 passes, making him the last against one of the NFL’s best defenses. led the game-tying drive by two minutes.

Unfortunately for Stidham, the good times ended there. After throwing an interception early in the fourth quarter, second overtime It set the San Francisco 49ers up for a winning field goal.

The former New England Patriots backup talked about his performance after the game and drew some good points from it.

“The ball is in my hands on every play,” Stidham said, according to a video provided by the team. “I’m the only one who can touch it on all plays. Unfortunately, we had two interceptions in the game. There were probably some things we could have done better to win. Of course tomorrow. I’m going to watch the movie in the morning to see what I could have done better.

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