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Go from unknown artist to content creator and influencer for your favorite social media sites. From there, you can sell your own merchandise and even get endorsements from major brands. Social networking is the first step.

What is social networking?

Social networking involves engaging people on social media sites and social platforms with a goal in mind, whether it is a social or business goal. Those seeking career growth often turn to social networks to build their brand and unique identity online.

Staying true to what you enjoy most is key to gaining followers on social media, according to TikTok content creator Thea Von Engelbrechten. It’s also important to make sure she’s creating quality content.

While in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, Von Engelbrechten decided to take her old Sylvanian dolls (a line of collectible animal figurines) out of the attic and the idea to feature them on TikTok came up with After the first episode of her drama, Sylvania, posted in January 2021, Van Englebrechten’s TikTok followers surpassed her 20,000. Today she has over 2 million followers. She also sells her merchandise and has collaborated with Burberry on her Cameo, a site where users request personalized videos of her messages from celebrities and social media influencers. are also participating.

Most episodes touch on social issues she cares about. In a cameo message, von Engelbrechten said, “I hope it helps people find humor in life’s struggles like I do.

How to build your brand online

With so many social media sites and platforms, there are countless ways to showcase your talent as an artist, storyteller, or personality. One of the key factors to consider is the platform you choose for your social networking. Here’s how to get started:

Learn how the platform works. Each social networking platform has its own features. For example, Tumblr cares less about follower count and more about content. Cates His Holderness, Tumblr’s managing editor, said: Therefore, the time you spend on this platform should be focused on quality content rather than amassing followers.

Join or grow a community. If you’re an artist, photographer, or writer on Tumblr, Tumblr’s three largest communities, the best way to get into social networks is to tag your posts to make them easily searchable, and to share them with others. is to reblog someone’s post. Reblogging is another powerful tool on Tumblr that helps you build a community with people who enjoy or create similar content.

Goncharov is a great example of how powerful reblogging can be on Tumblr, Holderness explains. Goncharov, now a popular meme on the Internet, began as a fake Martin his artwork parodying his Scorsese movie poster. Creator Beelzebub is an artist from the Czech Republic who, according to his Tumblr page, specializes in art related to gangsters and dark themes. “It went viral on Tumblr and inspired massive memes covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, Gizmodo, and more. And anything can go viral by other users sharing it,” says Holderness.

While rarely going viral, Tumblr artists and other content creators have a unique opportunity to engage directly with the community, even after leveraging the strategies of posting, tagging and reblogging. For example, through Creator Spotlight, Tumblr promotes creators who post frequently, including both established and new artists. Creators submit their work for recognition, and Tumblr selects creators to promote for interviews to showcase their projects. These interviews are featured globally across platforms, allowing creators to describe their work and share links.

How to reach your audience

Provide content. Sue Johnson, chief content officer at Wattpad, a social story-sharing platform, said that to be successful on Wattpad, writers must commit to providing content to their readers regularly, including bonus content. Advice. Engaging your audience is important. This is how you grow your fandom.

maintain momentum. Wattpad has an algorithm that helps people find stories they like, but writers can tag their work so it can be ranked by similar stories as well as promote their work on social media. and should be shared with friends and family in the same way the writer advertises. one book.

“It also helps if the audience that creators are trying to build is actually on Wattpad. It tends to be categorized,” says Johnson. Wattpad Creator has more resources on his portal for writers who want to learn how to reach their audience.

Writers have several options to earn on the Wattpad platform.

  • Receive a publishing, television or film deal at Wattpad Books or Wattpad Studios.
  • Collaborate with Wattpad Brand Partners on Sponsored Articles.
  • You will be selected to participate in Wattpad Paid Stories where you can earn money directly on Wattpad. Wattpad’s paid stories can be purchased chapter by chapter or as a complete book using Wattpad’s virtual currency, Coins.

In June 2022, Wattpad announced a new Creators Program. This includes his $2.6 million scholarship for writers to earn. “People invited to participate in the program are eligible for marketing and editorial support, sponsored brand partnerships, and cash benefits,” Johnson explains.

What do social media and social platforms want?

Social media sites and social platforms each have their own formula for identifying and promoting successful content creators. Here are some ways to increase your chances of promotion.

Become an active user. Tumblr takes many variables into account when looking for content creators to promote. But the key factor is being a regular creator on the platform. “Traditional Artists, GIF Makers, Textiles He seeks to promote various creators such as artists, glass artists, poets, meme makers, etc. New or ambitious content can also be used to promote his creators.” says Holderness.

Put your content on the site. To help promote content creators, Tumblr also offers global promotions. Tumblr artists can also post their work from their Meet the Artists profile and his Tumblr Radar. Artist Alley is another place for content creators to post on her Tumblr, as well as partnerships with creators, allowing them to sell their work directly from the store.

Remember it can happen to you. Johnson advises Wattpad’s storytelling technology platform will enable writers, including independent authors and web novelists, to share their stories with a global community of nearly 90 million readers. So getting noticed with great content can happen to anyone. Johnson features Arianna Godoy as one of Wattpad’s most popular authors. According to Johnson, the story was read by him more than 350 million times on Wattpad before it was released on his Netflix. Originally from Venezuela, Godoy quit her kindergarten teacher job and now writes full-time. Godoy is screening another web novel, “Shige Mi Voz.”

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