Inoussa Sets Career High as Aggies Wrangle Wildcats

Las Cruz, New Mexico – The days of cowboys are long gone, but the old adage “Wild Wild West” still applies to teams in the Western Athletic Conference. NM State (11-10, 6-3 WAC) Abilene Christian (10-9, 4-4 WAC) Pan American Center.

Sufia Inousa He scored 28 points for the Wildcats and five with three points, both career-highs for a senior player from Stockholm, Sweden. The Aggies ejected a season-high eight threes on 14 attempts (57.1) during the game. This is the second highest three-point percentage in a season. taylor donaldson He was the only other Aggie to reach the double-digit mark, scoring ten points on four of his six shot attempts.

Aggies control the tip of the opening, Sirena Peterson Ready for action, he ran down the left side of the lane and dropped on a left-handed layup to put the first point on the board at 9:55 entering the first frame. The two teams exchanged scores early on, with him four lead changes in the first 100 seconds of action. Faced a 6-4 deficit as the shot clock slowed, Sufia Inousa found Sirena Peterson At the top of the triple key gives NM State a 7-6 advantage and leaves x:xx. Sirena returned the favor on the ensuing possession, giving Inouza his first triple of the night. With 4:49 left he was not up at 10. His NM State closed the quarter with an 11-for-4 run, including a free throw buzzing a jumper from his line. Molly Kaiser 21-14 to make the lead-through 1. Aggies recorded his clip with a staggering 90% shooting in the first quarter, he made 9 of his 10 shots and of his 3 tries he shot on all 3. I decided.

Sufia Inousa They sank their third triple of the night to break the seal in scoring in the second quarter. After back-to-back layups by Abilene Christian took her to the lead within six (24-18), NM State kept the Wildcats scoreless in his next four minutes, trailing a 13-0 run at three. 19 points her lead. 56 minutes left in the first half (37-18). Inoussa put her six points into the scoring surge and in her first 12 minutes of game action she scored 15 points, a season high. Still not on the countdown, Abilene Christian continued his 11-3 run and at the break he made the game 40-29.

Back-to-back buckets and and-one by Sufia Inousa Giving her a new season high while tying her career-high scoring output (20). Inousa’s free following her throw, Aggies on her next two-shot attempt, Sirena Peterson When Molly Kaiser Pushed the Aggies lead back to 17. Ashley Strawbridge There is 4:11 left in the period. After the Wildcats made two of his free throws, the ACU was able to bring the deficit back to 18 at the end of the third quarter.

Despite facing an 18-point deficit heading into the fourth quarter, the Abilene Christians refused to spend the night quietly. The Wildcats threw his 3 right after the break and connected on his next two-shot attempt to pull the Aggies’ lead down to his 11. . Tyrin Grays A layup in the post was used to take the next bucket of the game and bring the lead back to 15. A fast-breaking 3-pointer cut the Aggies’ lead to 6 with 2:14 remaining in the game. Tayein Grays quickly answered with a triple of his own, extending his Aggie lead to nine with just over a minute left on his hands. ACU managed to score a few times in the stretch, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Aggies as they beat Abilene Christian 69-61 to move 6-3 in the conference and 11-10 overall. bottom.


  • Sufia Inousa Scored a career-high 27 points. Inoussa tied a season-high points (15) in his first 18 minutes of action.
  • The Aggies had their best shooting performance of the quarter this season in the first period of their 9-10 play as a team.
  • The team posted a team-high 3-pointer (8) of the season.
  • taylor donaldson Scored in double figures eight times in a season (10)
  • NM State is the fifth team to pass 50% this season.
  • Molly Kaiser She played 38/40 minutes – her second-highest total for the season and only the second time in the last three games she played more than 35 minutes.
  • The Aggies lead the Wildcats by just over 35 minutes (35:07)
  • NM State forced 17 turnovers in the He has been forced to make more than 15 turnovers this season.

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