Jake Guentzel is on track for a career year

Sidney Crosby continues to rack up points, and along with same-strength points leader Eric Carlson, proves that NHL players don’t automatically turn to dust at 30. .

Last year, Jake Guentzel posted a career-best total of goals (40), a career-best assists (44) and a career-best total of 84 points.

Will he set all new highs by the end of 2023?

Genzel has missed four games so far this season, thanks to a sore shot from Chris Letang (combined with Sidney Crosby’s hit to Evgeny Malkin on Thursday as the Penguins held back a friendly fire). It might be time.) Still, he’s putting up with 15.-16—31 to 26 games.

Now it feels like that pace could continue.

  • This season, Gentzel has only been completely off the scoreboard in six games, and has yet to go three games in a row. Throughout his career, he has been one of the most consistent producers in his NHL. Guentzel’s 0.93 points per game ranks him 20th among active players who have played over 400 games.
  • When Crosby is hot, Gentzel is rarely far behind and has assisted 12 of Crosby’s 17 goals so far this season.
  • Genzel leads the Penguins in man-advantage goals (5) and the power play has only started to heat up recently. , could partly depend on the health of Evgeny Markin, who helped set four of the five powerplay goals.

At this point, if he can get through the rest of the season (knock on wood!), Genzel has 45 goals (career best: 40), 48 assists (career best: 44) and 93 points (career best: 84.).

Penguins may be lucky Genzel’s contract doesn’t expire this year (his $6 million a year contract runs through 2023-24).

Last season, only two NHL players (Jonathan Huberdeau and JT Miller) scored 90 or more points for less than $6 million.

Genzel isn’t the only Penguin looking to break some personal records this season.

Brock McGuinn, who scored a career-high 16 goals for the Carolina Hurricanes in 2018, has seven goals in his last 18 games and has 21 this year.

Marcus Peterson, who had a career-high 23 assists in Anaheim and Pittsburgh in 2018-19, had 10 assists in his first 21 games. Although he hasn’t made a mark on the scoreboard in his nine contests, those early apples are keeping his pace towards a new record of 27.

This is unlikely, but it’s great.Tristan Jarry has already marked two assists in a third of the season. There is still time to surpass the 4 assists of . Plus, if he gets four more assists, he’ll be tied with Fleury (14) for the second-most assists by any Penguin goalkeeper ever (although Tom still beats Barrasso’s 31). We still have a long way to go to catch up with assists).

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