Jane Fonda recalls activists telling her to focus on film career

Jane Fonda
photograph: Philip Faraone (Getty Images)

Jane Fonda I’ve had a long career in both film and activism, but there was a time when I was ready to give up one for the other.with a new profile hollywood reporterFonda recalls being encouraged by a fellow activist in the ’70s to focus more on his film career for the cause.

The actor is a civil rights activist Ken Cockrell It was she who told her to quit Hollywood. “He was like, ‘Fonda, we have a lot of organizers. We don’t have movie stars in this movement,'” she says. “Not only should you not quit, you should pay more attention to your career. Be more intentional about your movies and what you make.”

As we know, Fonda hit it off and eventually founded a production company, where she made movies like the Vietnam War flick Go homean anti-sexist classic 9 to 5When china syndrome, on the nuclear industry. But these days she doesn’t have any more messages-Her films, at least not as a producer: ‘I couldn’t make something right away,’ she says THR“The fastest was Go home, I think it was five and a half years. I don’t have time for that right now. “

And while she’s still debating whether or not she should quit acting, it seems she’ll eventually come to the same conclusion. , I’m 85. But I realized that my platform is important.I bring in people who might not normally come.”

As Fonda said, “One feeds the other.” Her activism taught her to become a feminist after a childhood of internalizing misogyny. celebrate women and their relationships. “Opening up to feminism and female friendships has made me a healthier person,” she says. “It taught me not to be afraid of vulnerability, not to be afraid to ask for help, even if it’s really hard to do.”

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