Johnson Releases Career Photo Album ‘One More Lap’

Mooresville, N.C. — Jimmie Johnson’s latest media venture features photos of his outstanding racing career, including his early days in El Cajon, Calif., seven NASCAR Cup Series wins, and two seasons in the NTT IndyCar Series. It’s an album.

Earlier this year, Johnson’s transition to IndyCar was highlighted in the eight-part documentary Reinventing the Wheel.

On September 27th, Johnson’s book “ONE MORE LAP — JIMMIE JOHNSON AND THE #48” was released by Rizzoli.

The coffee-table-sized book is filled with photographs from his life and makes a great gift for the holiday season. The hardcover book is published by his Rizzoli and sells for $48. That’s a good amount of money spent on Johnson’s cars in both the NASCAR Cup and his NTT IndyCar Series.

“It’s funny how it works,” Johnson quipped. “What a coincidence.”

The book is produced by Ivan Shaw, Corporate Photography Director at Condé Nast. At 272 pages, it features 175 photographs of him by 9 renowned photographers. NASCAR team owner, NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael His Jordan wrote the foreword to this book.

The two projects also serve as personal home movies for Johnson’s season in IndyCar, and the book is also a lifetime photo album.

“This project, the documentary series and the videographer have been on track for years. I’ve always archived what’s going on. At some point I thought it was worth doing.” he said. “But I just wanted to do this for myself. Yes, and that’s what I’ve consumed. Now I’m at a point in my life where I can share them.”

The book has already gone through two printings, with 15,000 copies printed and sold in the first printing.

After spending the past two seasons driving the No. 48 Carvana American Legion Honda for Chip Ganassi Racing, Johnson is returning to the NASCAR Cup Series as one of the owners of Petty GMS Racing. (Rizzoli photo)

After spending the past two seasons driving the No. 48 Carvana American Legion Honda for Chip Ganassi Racing, Johnson is returning to the NASCAR Cup Series as one of the owners of Petty GMS Racing. His two other owners are Richard Petty, also his seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, and original owner Maurice J. Gallagher.

Johnson plans to compete in about five NASCAR Cup Series races in 2023. He has already scrapped his IMSA Rolex 24 return at Daytona in January after being offered a ride in an Acura.

As the owner of the Chevrolet NASCAR team, if he’s going to race the 107th Indianapolis 500, it has to be with the Chevrolet team. So far, Johnson has not ridden the Indy 500. His future is now a clear canvas and the 47-year-old driver can paint the picture he wants in terms of what he wants to do. However, he soon realized that taking ownership of a NASCAR team would take a lot of time.

Johnson has a stake in the Chevrolet NASCAR team and has already turned down the chance to drive one of the Acura teams at IMSA Rolex 24 in Daytona in January.

“I’ve had some experience over the past two years, and I know my brand, my contacts, my company’s appeal, and what my hot spots and hot buttons are,” says Johnson. “For 2020-2021, when we were trying to put the program together with the CGR, we knew it was fresh and brand new territory as a driver, as an office, and as a space we wanted to manage. With a few years under my belt, I feel more confident about what I can do and what my office can do for the next year.

“I have a wish list of my ideas, and it’s about funding them.

“My phone is ringing. My wheels are turning. Yes, and some simworks to go with it.I want to do NASCAR races and IMSA races.I got an offer to do some off-road racing.Hopefully sooner or later.But it’s still undefined for now. “

For most of last season in the NTT IndyCar Series, Johnson hoped to return to IndyCar full-time in 2023. Ironically, while Calvana agreed to return, Johnson decided to step away from racing full-time as a driver.

“It wasn’t a clear answer, especially having a partner who was completely supportive, motivated, and capable,” recalls Johnson. “It was a tough decision to come up with. I spent my life chasing sponsorships and it took a little bit of confidence and courage to say that I was all set and ready to change direction. I had to make the decision to move forward.”


Johnson and his wife Chandra attended the Goodwood Festival in England after the IndyCar Series season ended in September. Between a night of drinks with his teammate Scott Dixon and former driver Dario Franchitti and a long drive to Goodwood with his wife, Johnson searched for answers.

“Honestly, Scott said, ‘You can’t leave me. You have to stick around. Don’t leave me behind,'” Johnson said of Dixon. I want to do what I want, but he was telling me to come back with a red dress on one shoulder and Dario Franchitti on the other telling me to do what I want. It was like my wife, which resonated the most.

“I didn’t want to be 100 percent because so much has happened in the past year. This year has taken so much away from me.

“Chandra and I landed in England, went to Dario’s house, took a shower and drove three hours to Goodwood following Dario in a BMW M5 driving on the other side of the road and on the other side of the car. The first. We nearly died when going through the roundabout, we talked and thought a lot during the drive following Dario.

“I am trying really hard to stop doing what I did in 2022 and commit to two programs that I spend a lot of time on. I just want to be smart and not be too busy.

“I would love to do a couple of NASCAR races and do well, but it depends. It gets complicated very quickly.”

Johnson will dedicate his ownership of Petty GMS and will drive several Cup Series races for the team in 2023. He also has many personal goals that he wants to go through with his wife and his two daughters.

“Travel is high on our wish list, and a year of living abroad is high on our wish list,” Johnson said. “Girls are the right age to do this. But the challenge of moving around in high school is a big challenge that makes kids stronger. We want to live abroad for a year. It coalesces.” Then you’ll be thrilled.

“Our kids are very active in horseback riding. I try to support, help, and be a barn dad. I was always busy, so when her friend gets married, I can go to the wedding with her. I have a babysitter, but I don’t speak a word of French.”

But at 47, Johnson’s lineage is still competitive.

It’s a craving he tries to satisfy, and can often complicate his personal goals.

“There’s not a day that I’m not driving something,” Johnson said. “You only have a few days to stay ahead of the spear in IndyCar or NASCAR or even the top division of sports car racing. It’s so expensive and competitive. At IMSA, you don’t even have a seat to get in the car. So it might be automatically fixed, but there are so many cars I want to drive, race, and play with.”

Meanwhile, Johnson’s book is already in its third edition and has taken the #1 position in the ‘Celebrity Photos’ category on But the book has a deeper meaning for Johnson.

“This is the ‘Passion Project,'” he said. “Labour of Love”

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