Kelley’s golf passion leads to successful career


Scottsbluff Sr. Anna Kelly also plays basketball and soccer. The Scotts, her bluff, her country, her club’s golf, living on her course and watching her parents play, was the sport she always played herself.

“I grew up playing all the time. Both my parents played,” Kelly said. “I grew up loving the game because I live on the golf course and play every day, whenever I can. I love basketball and soccer, but golf has always been my favorite.”

As a member of the Scottsbluff High School golf team for the past four years, Kelly has many memories. Among them, he won his second state title in the state on October 11th.

“It’s definitely the second day of the year since breaking the all-class record, and it was a good way to get out and show that all the hard work pays off,” she said. .

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I also have memories with my teammates that I’ve gained over the years, including hotels, buses, and practice rounds. I was able to spend four wonderful years with him. ”

Winning that second title would be the best way for Kelly to end his high school golf career, and he’s looking forward to seeing what the team can do next year.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better way to qualify for the state championships, but we worked hard every day and every weekend. We were always outside playing,” Kelly said. rice field. “I’m excited about the team for next year and I hope they keep working hard. It’s been a great season and everyone on the team was my friend, so every day was just fun.”

What she learned along the way is how to control herself in the course, as mental games became her forte.

“My mental game has become very strong. It’s one of my strengths, how I control myself on the golf course,” Kelly said.

“I have matured in this game too, so my short game has come a long way just by knowing which shots to take in certain situations. did.”

Not sure where he’ll go after graduation, Kelly hopes to play at a university that also has a good business school.

“I’m just looking for a good campus that suits me. It has a good business school and an environment for athletics, gets along well with coaches and teammates, and just finds the perfect fit.

Kelly was named the 2022 Star Herald Girls Golfer of the Year and coach Brock Ehrer was named Coach of the Year.

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