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looking for good candidates

How far are we from rock bottom in selecting candidates for potentially the best jobs in this country? Not as bad as a man’, but a string of challengers from both major parties can only point out the incumbent’s stumbling blocks and murmurs.

My message to leaders of both parties is, “This time, let’s find a candidate with whom we agree, not against.”

John Sell, Allen

overdue notice

Re: “Biden Paper Complicates Trump Investigation — Findings Add Political Wrinkles to Narrative and Likely to Influence Case,” Thursday’s news story.

The National Archives and Records Administration appears to be in need of a complete overhaul when personnel cannot track classified documents placed under its custody. Not only were classified documents found in Mar-a-Lago, but many more classified documents were found in the former office of President Joe Biden.

Hire top librarians to code and classify all the thousands of sensitive documents, and when one is checked out, send a friendly reminder of the document’s title and due date (just like my neighborhood public library). I will send. If it is not returned, I will go get it.

How many other sensitive documents are ‘on loan’?

Sue Owens, Dallas

Congressman Hormone

That was all I thought as I sat on the couch munching on popcorn this month watching the Republican chaos unfold. Women are said to be emotional.

Rose Peak, Carrollton

Clarification of school bonuses

Re: “We must fix the final stage of a failed education — Legislature addresses 3 in 4 Texas students not earning a job-ready degree You have to,” by Dan Hooper, Wednesday Opinion.

Hooper makes a lot of good points about high school students needing to obtain a work permit while in high school in order to have a bright future. However, it is incorrect to state that a student’s admission to college gives the school her CCMR (college, career, military preparation) bonus.

Students are admitted to Harvard but are not eligible for the CCMR bonus. Students must also have sufficiently high scores in the Mathematics and English Arts portion of the SAT/ACT or TSIA2. Therefore, the average student who can read but is bad at math will not reach that threshold, and the school district will not get a bonus when the student is admitted to college.

As usual, Texas continues to use test scores to evaluate students.

Deborah Dominguez, Kaufman

Cost calculation

Re: “The Worth of Military Service in 2023 — Many Americans Are Asking, Is It Worth It?

I agree with Berger that military service is very beneficial to those who serve. I have never served in the military, but from talking to friends in the military I know how the military teaches cooperation and responsibility. These are good life skills for everyone.

At the same time, war is not good for anyone, nor is it good for the world at large. Too often it is the result of a failed foreign policy. Sadly, we have seen our nation cheer as it embarks on a war that could have been avoided had wise voices prevailed.

It is tragic how often Americans are willing to send other people’s sons and daughters into wars waged solely to send a political point or message. Doing so is disrespectful to the people you serve.

John Stetler, Dallas/Lockwood

strengthen our army

I appreciate Bergen’s consideration of veterans and their foundation building while in the military. That’s not to say, but sometimes I look back and wonder why I didn’t, and what if I had gone my own way in life. Without a doubt, it laid the strongest possible foundation for my future career in law enforcement.

To me and most veterans I know, the military appears to have softened. won’t give it to me

We need to tighten up on this mess. Bring boot camp back to what it used to be. It’s not a “feels good” hand-held session. As Bergen said, military life can be tough, so let’s start from the beginning.

I chose the Marine Corps because it is rewarding. I knew it would be difficult, but it was exactly what I needed in my life at the time. I stood on the “yellow footsteps” of the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit School on his 18th birthday and loved every moment of his enlistment. are you going to do it today? I’m confused. It’s time to “tighten up”!

Pat Grove, Kansas City, Missouri

thank you watchdog

Re: “Texas State Legislature Please Don’t Hurt Us Anymore,” by Dave Lieber, Jan. 8 Metro column.

After reading the plea to Watchdog’s top leadership to stop micromanaging and work for all of us Texans, all I can say is, “You go, dog!” . A few more pointers could be added, but this is critical and positive thinking that needs to be realized and embraced if we agree to live with each other.

Thank you Dave, I hope you sent your wonderful work to everyone in that ivory tower in Austin. I like you as you are

Richard Street, Carrollton

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