Libby career criminal agrees to plea deal in drug case

A career criminal from Libby struck a plea bargain with the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office after he was recently arrested on methamphetamine possession charges.

Guy Eric Waldron, 45, was first charged with robbery, assault with a weapon, theft and endangerment after two separate incidents on July 24.

In November, Waldron was arrested again on two misdemeanors, including felony possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, after a bizarre incident on US 2 between Libby and Troy.

Waldron pleaded not guilty to all four charges in the July incident, but pleaded guilty to methamphetamine possession on December 12. Part of Waldron’s contract included the dismissal of all charges in the July case and a misdemeanor charge in the November case.

Waldron was released on July 30 after posting $75,000 bail for robbery, assault, and endangering charges and $10,000 bail for theft. He is now seeking release on his own accord.

Another part of the deal is that Waldron could end up in county drug court. His sentencing is scheduled for his February 13th.

Waldron faced the potential of decades in prison if convicted of all the crimes. For assault with a weapon he gets 20 years, and for dangerous acts and theft he gets 10 years each.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Smith said the Lincoln County Dispatch told him about a traffic complaint on US Route 2 around 7:45 am on November 22nd.

Mr. Smith heads east and meets a concerned citizen that the car in front of them is going 35 mph and is not allowing traffic. Smith reported encountering a vehicle nearby, with several vehicles behind it, traveling at 53 mph. Smith reported that the vehicle had no illuminated headlights or taillights.

Smith wrote that he turned on the emergency light and turned around. He said the vehicle backed up into the eastbound lane and stopped in the westbound lane before moving forward in the opposite direction from the westbound traffic. Stopped facing east.

Smith thought the driver, who was later identified as Waldron, was in emergency medical care or was affected. When Smith contacted Waldron, officers reported that the defendant made agitated remarks and acted in a manner consistent with an individual under the influence.

Smith asked Waldron why he made a U-turn in the middle of the road.

Knowing Waldron from a previous encounter, Smith knew he could be violent against officers, so he took the case because he was told in dispatch that his profile had “police attention”. He wrote that he decided to handcuff Waldron while he was investigating.

Smith writes that when he asked Waldron where he was going, he said, “I’m going to work on his (expletive) truck.” When asked where his truck was, Waldron is said to have said, “At Bob Paynes.”

Waldron then allegedly agreed to a search by Smith. A search found a vial containing methamphetamine-positive material at the scene. He then took an uncapped needle from his back pocket and handed it to Troy Police Chief Kate Davis, who was assisting at the scene.

Smith also added a statement from the woman who called 911. She described erratic driving as her vehicle veered off the road and passed her while driving at 65 to 70 mph, then slowing to 35 mph.

According to the indictment, a man came into the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on the night of July 24 and said Waldron hijacked a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban in what the defendant called a “family emergency.” reported that it was The alleged victim said he had not given Waldron permission to enter the vehicle, but that he had left the keys inside. He said Waldron lives near him on Parmenter His Avenue. The man also said that he let Waldron borrow some tools, which he never returned.

After his investigation, Deputy Sheriff Derek Brayland determined that Waldron had allegedly pawned Tool.

Brayland then began searching the vehicle. As he drove past the alleged victim’s residence, he saw Suburban parked there. I went to talk to the man who was in the middle.

The man also said the car smelled “really bad” because Waldon left his dirty socks in the car.

Waldron and his girlfriend, Mariah Yuso, rode by the house on their bicycles while Bleyland spoke to the victim. Deputy Anthony Jenson, who arrived to assist with the investigation, spoke with Waldron. Bryland said Waldron claimed to have called law enforcement several times about being “hunted.” Waldron is said to have told officers that law enforcement and other groups were stalking him to set him up. .

Waldron said the alleged victim gave him permission to take the car while he was speaking about the Suburban, according to court documents. Waldron said he got in his car at 6 a.m. on July 24 and drove to Missoula to “talk to an individual.”

Waldron then rode away on his bicycle.

Bryland later spoke with the alleged victim and said he was worried Waldron was banging on his door in the morning at his home. So I said that there will be problems in the future.

Later that day, at approximately 10:31 pm on July 24, Libby police officer Ronald Buckner received a report that another man was being whipped with a pistol.

The alleged victim said Waldron ordered him to get down on the ground and hand him the money. I hit him with the grip of my gun.

According to a 2010 article in The Western News, Waldron was sentenced to federal prison in 2008 after pleading guilty to selling stolen guns and using meth.

After his release, Waldron was sentenced to more prison terms for violating the terms of his release by using methamphetamine, failing drug tests, and failing to find work.

Waldron was sentenced to prison in 1996 for forgery in Flathead County, according to court documents. In 2005, he was sentenced to five years by the Department of Corrections for meth use and other offenses that reversed his original sentence.

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