Lions’ Anzalone running through past adversity on way to career season

Alan Park — Alex Anzarone’s scar on his right shoulder is the story of the adversity he faced to play the game he loves, and his contribution to the turnaround of the Detroit Lions is the story of his ability to rise above it.

From the end of his college career in Florida to his first few seasons as a professional, Anzarone struggled to get breaks. He suffered a season-ending shoulder injury three times in five years. The third one almost broke his spirit.

“I was distraught,” Anzalone said. “It’s been two games into my third season[with the Saints]and I expected him to play a big role in defense against DD (DeMario Davis).”

Anzalone lamented another lost season and took sage advice from Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. He reminded us that young linebacker NFL players often struggle with endurance issues, but at some point the problem goes away for many. Proven and paints a potentially bright future. Anzalone had no idea it would come to fruition in Detroit.

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