Lions Pro Bowler Frank Ragnow having most fun of career amid challenging season

Allen Park – Frank Lagnow played through a painful leg injury, balanced what was most fun in the NFL, and savored the first run of football in meaningful December.

At the same press conference, Ragnow called 2021 one of the most challenging years of his football career, but also said it was the most fun he’s had at this level. , has finished last every year since winning Ragnow in the first round in 2018, so this stretch of reaching .500 in the final three weeks was special.

So when the Detroit Lions center learned he had been named to his second Pro Bowl, he was overwhelmed with emotion while he was in the water.

“Oh yeah, a dream come true,” said Ragnow. “It’s unbelievable. Young Frank would go insane. I try to be cool and mature and that’s great. I found myself sitting in the bathtub the other day and I was alone in the bathtub.” I almost cried, a stern look.But I kept it together.It’s special.There aren’t many ways an offensive lineman, or really, an individual can be recognized in this league.It will happen. is great.”

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Lagnau had surgery last year for a toe injury that limited him to four games. He has returned to all but one game this season, with a lingering leg injury that prevented him from logging a full week of practice. Nonetheless, he has helped lay the foundation for Detroit’s robust offensive his line, maintaining a high level of play while dealing with an injury at this stage where offseason surgery cannot be ruled out.

The center ranks sixth for his position in ESPN’s run block winning percentage, taking 73% of his reps. Also, his focus in professional football ranks Ragnou his sixth among enough centers to qualify. In 13 starts, the 26-year-old has allowed 1 sack, 11 pressures and committed 3 penalties in 882 reps.

“I never thought I was the player I should or could have been,” Ragneau said. “But I go back to hard work, knowing what to do and where to be, and finding ways to maneuver and get the job done…even if it’s not as pretty as it could be.”

“Aside from the year my father died, this year has probably been the most difficult year of my career. When it’s not working it’s confidence, it’s doubt, it’s all kinds of things – focus – it hurts. think.”

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And Ragneau wasn’t going to gush about himself, pointing out that the rest of his offensive lineman are either considered replacements or snatched from the Pro Bowl. and is the longest-serving member of the team. teased onlinePenay Sewell is the starting alternative at tackle and Jonah Jackson is the fourth among guards. Jackson made the Pro Bowl last season as a substitute, so he’s been through this.

“I look around the league and I don’t know all these tackles. I’m not trying to take it out of all these tackles. He’s a weapon for us,” Ragnow said. , didn’t even get the pressure, it wasn’t the touch, it wasn’t the pressure, it wasn’t even someone close to Jared[Goff]four games in a row, I think it was, and he took the man in the run game. I have beaten you.

“Jonah Jackson has the sweetest legs in the league. One of the best punchers in the league and one of the best blockers. To be able to play like this is unbelievable and to be honest part of what I’ve been through with all the injuries this year, other than their football part is being in that room with those guys. They are my flickin’ backbone It’s hard to play in pain but they support me and are there for me because I Because there’s a lot of shuffling I have to keep going on when I can’t practice.But it’s supportive.I’m so grateful to all of them.”

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