Madera Technical Exploration Center helping students discover career paths

Madera County, California (KFSN) — The North Valley School District gives students the opportunity to begin exploring a variety of career paths at an early age.

Brianna Garcia Rocha, an eighth grade student at the Madera Technical Exploration Center, is well on her way to a career in engineering.

“I chose CTE because I was interested in learning about different careers and the choices I grew up with,” explains Rocha.

As students know, MadTEC is the only school of its kind in the Central Valley and caters to 8th graders only.

Principal Allison Rocco said, “This is what our school district believed in. To nurture our children from an early age, to give them the ability to go to high school and take the direction and path they want.” said.

Established in 2021, the school currently has 800 students.

The school offers students six different career paths, including engineering, agriculture, health sciences, and performing arts.

“For them, our goal is to explore a career. They may love the career they pursued at Madera Tech, or they may think that career is not for them.” said Laura Kiros, Dean of Curriculum.

Students can choose to attend school in 7th grade. And when they reach the 8th grade, they will be divided into classes.

“They are eighth graders and they travel half a day by bus from one of our eighth grade schools to MadTEC, and the other half are on campus at their home site,” Rocco explains.

All of this is an effort to give students like Rocha an early introduction to various career paths.

“I became more interested in engineering and manufacturing after I had a bigger idea of ​​what engineering and manufacturing was like and what we were doing,” explains Rocha. bottom.

To attend MadTEC, Madera Integrated Students must apply in advance. Applicants will be selected by lottery.

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