Margot Robbie’s Producing Career Is Giving Us Really Dynamic Female Characters

Exactly 10 years ago, Margot Robbie was a relatively unknown Australian television star who never made her big break internationally. wolf of wall streetdelivering a breakout performance that proved she could take on big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio When Jonah HillSince then, Robbie has been mostly successful and now has two Academy Award nominations. I’m Tonya she said, the role ultimately helped her feel like a good actor. bomb – Created a memorable portrayal of an iconic comic character, showing her more comical side. Robbie is still active on the big screen this year, Babylon When Amsterdamshe also has a stellar producing career that has helped promote female artists within the industry.

In 2014, Robbie founded the production company LuckyChap Entertainment. Tom Ackerley, Josie McNamara, When Sophia KerrWith the aim of telling women-focused stories, Robbie began investing in film and television projects, spotlighting female artists with voice. Robbie has appeared in several of these projects, but LuckyChap is more than just a tool to promote her image. Many of the projects she’s been involved in probably wouldn’t have made it to the screen if it hadn’t been for Robbie’s name.

In an age when franchises, multiverses, and intellectual property are more powerful than anything else, few real “movie stars” attract the casual audience by name alone. Robbie is one of the few movie stars we have left, and she’s clearly aware of her influence. While she still pursues roles working alongside some of the industry’s greatest directors, making her film ecosystem more diverse will be the biggest part of her legacy.

Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Seeks Dynamic Role

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LuckyChap’s first film project was I’m Tonyastarring Robbie as an Olympic skater Tonya Harding during her controversial ban from competition. While Harding’s story has dominated her headlines and has been the subject of various parodies, her Robbie’s films are about her husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan), mother Lavona Golden (Allison Janney). A standard biopic might have been just a modified Wikipedia page, but I’m Tonya Robbie and the production crew were able to give the headlines a dark comic slant.

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Under new distributor Neon (which has since become one of the most famous and popular names in independent cinema), I’m Tonya It was a surprise hit that proved Robbie was much more than just a Harley Quinn. It garnered many accolades throughout the awards season, including Oscar nominations for Best Actress and Best Editing. It also allowed Robbie to give Janie (one of television’s female icons) the role of her once-in-a-lifetime role, earning her a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award.

the success of I’m Tonya Simultaneously working on more mainstream films in which she was not creatively involved strengthened Robbie’s ability to take on more dynamic roles in indie projects. Dreamland When Terminal Not necessarily a box office hit, Robbie was able to take a chance on two genres that rarely feature dynamic female characters: western romance and neo-noir thriller.

Margot Robbie Centers Voices From Other Creators Via LuckyChap

Kat Denning as Jules Wiley in Dollface
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But Robbie didn’t just use LuckyChap as a way to promote himself. Because she’s disappeared from the screen in some of the company’s most successful projects. She produced her two seasons of her Hulu Originals series. doll face by a female creator Jordan Ricefocuses on the importance of female friendship. Kat Dennings When brenda song Two actresses like Robbie rarely prove just how versatile they are. doll face Allowed them to show their range.

LuckyChap is the first major TV sensation of 2021. maidan engaging Netflix original series by a female showrunner Molly Smith Metzler based on Stephanie Randmemoir of Maid’s hard work, low wages, mother’s purpose in lifeStories about domestic violence and single motherhood are often sensational and misogynistic. maid It takes the complex, intimate approach that has caused a sensation on the streaming platform.Robbie’s once upon a time in hollywood Co-star Margaret Qualley provided her career performance for her compelling role as Lando.

LuckyChap Productions is on track for 2020

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2020 was arguably an uncertain time for movies, but LuckyChap stuck to bringing the Sundance hit to theatrical release promising young womanRobbie knew they had something special on their hands. emerald fennel It took a great marketing campaign to attract audiences to the movie’s macabre style. LuckyChap has a great promotion. promising young woman Throughout awards season, it appeared at major festivals before its December release.

to say so promising young woman Divisive is an understatement. The film faced backlash from those who objected to its portrayal of male toxicity and those who felt that rape culture was not condemned enough.Anyway, it’s the surrounding conversation promising young woman That was the most important thing. It explored the nuances of sexual assault, encouraged constructive conversations, and definitely created empathy for victims. Fennell became one of the few female filmmakers to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director, and also won the Best Original Screenplay trophy.

LuckyChap Continues to Invest in Women’s Franchise

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Franchises are certainly stronger than ever, but LuckyChap uses popular brands as vehicles to tell creative stories from a woman’s perspective.Robbie was great as Harley Quinn in 2016 Suicide Squadthe film received terrible reviews and evoked the sexist way Quinn was portrayed. got an agency. Cathy Yan (a seminal horror filmmaker in her own right). bird of prey Replaces Toxic “Brother Culture” Suicide Squad A dynamic cast of female anti-heroes, including the Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett Bell), Detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), and street thief Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco).in the meantime bird of prey It sadly underperformed as it was released just before the pandemic.the lobby Jared Leto Definitely worth another look.

It’s safe to say that Robbie marked even casual moviegoers barbie As one of their most anticipated films to be released in 2023. Greta Gerwig There seems to be a tendency to be very self-aware of iconic brands, and Robbie seems to be chewing on the landscape as a titular icon. barbie It addresses the impact of toy brands on female body image when it hits theaters next summer.

The future looks bright for Robbie’s job as a producer.Her upcoming producer credits include Fennell’s next film salt burn, Bert & Barney‘s next project Big Thunder Mountain Railroadand a more comprehensive reboot tank girlThat doesn’t mean Robbie will stop working with filmmakers, though. Damien Chazelle, Martin Scorsese, When Quentin Tarantinoher work promoting women’s stories of all types gives her room to grow later in her career.

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