Martin’s Career Night Leads Rout of Grizzlies

It was definitely different than three weeks ago when Eastern Washington Women’s Basketball faced Montana at Cheney. The Eastern defeated the Grizzlies her 87-60 in Missoula, Mont. The season series will be split with the Grizzlies on Monday night (January 16th). Jadia Martin A career-high 33 points was key to the win, helping the Eagles improve to 3-3 in the conference and 10-6 overall. Montana falls 4-3 in Big Sky and 8-10 overall.

“I am very proud that our team embraced our defensive plan. Their preparation and focus was incredible. Every win is important, but in this balanced Big Sky Conference, road wins are especially important, they are huge,” said the head coach. Jody Gleason Said. “Millie Knowles It backed up the performance of the previous game with another double-digit scoring game while being very efficient. Jadia Martin I found a nice balance in her game. She knew when to be aggressive on the rim and when to take open threes and come into the game. Whether she played 33 minutes or 0 minutes, everyone on this team can be credited for contributing in some way. Statistics don’t always show some of the equally important contributors. Go Eagles! “

The Easterns set the tone early in the game, starting with a 10-0 run to corner the Grizzlies. Martin started his career night with 4 points in a run. Jalisa Lawrence Added 4. Millie Knowles was effective in the paint, scoring 4 points in the quarter. Leads have grown to a maximum of 14 this quarter. Eastern took the lead and ten minutes into the game he led 26–14.

The Eagles’ first-time shooting percentage was 66.7. Montana achieved 43.8% in the quarter.

In the second quarter, Martin connected with two more 3-pointers early on and added a layup to build a 34-20 lead at 6:30 on the clock. At 4:08, Andy Zalak Knocking down a jumper with an 18-point lead at 41-23. Eastern’s shot was falling and kept pulling away from the Grizzlies in the quarter. Jacinta Buckley Participate in two layups, Jamie Loella Added Maid Jumper. At halftime, Eastern led by his 48–25, Martin scored 21 points in his 20th minute.

The Eagles continued their good form this quarter with a 60.0 shooting percentage. Montana struggled to score from the floor as he scored 26.7 percentage points.

Eastern’s lead continued to grow as Martin and Knowles continued their strong scoring night. At the media timeout, Eastern was 56-29 and the clock was 6:35 on him. With 3:39 left in the quarter, the deficit widened to 31 points. Knowles scored on a layup and Martin scored three more. After the third quarter, the Easterns extended their lead to 75-43.

The Eagles finished with 64.7 percent and Montana with 46.2 percent in the quarter.

Now going into the 4th quarter, Montana strung together several baskets to cut the Eastern lead to 27 points at the 6:20 mark. Knowles remained aggressive in the paint and he scored four points in the quarter. Lawrence also contributed four points. Ella Gallatin Added four points of her own to continue the Eagles offense in the fourth inning. Eastern won her comfortably 87-60 and had 30.8% of her shots in the quarter.

Overall, Eastern had a shooting percentage of 57.1% and Montana had 41.4%.

Key stats
The Easterns had their best shooting percentage of the season against the Grizzlies. The Eagles were not tied and the game he only held 17 seconds to tie.

Jadia Martin Career games were 14 of 23 (60.9%) shooting and 5 of 11 (45.5%) from 3-point range. Her all-time high was her 25th in last season’s game against Northern Colorado.It was a Martins 10th Fourth of the season with 20 or more points in a career game. She has made her 3-pointer in her 5 games or more in her career. The 30-point game was Eastern’s first since Grace Kersher scored her 31 on March 6, 2020. This was the most points since Violet Capri Morrow scored her 37 on January 19, 2019.

Millie Knowles Tonight, he scored 12 points for the first time in his career in consecutive double figures. Knowles has appeared in his four games in double figures this season, and his seven in his career.

Eastern had a 46 to 34 scoring advantage in the paint.

Jamie Loella He scored 9 points and led the team with 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

Jalisa Lawrence It was effective with 13 points on 5/8 (62.5%) shooting.

Alexis Pettis 3 steals equaled a career high.

The team achieved a season-low six turnovers.

Eastern Washington will return to Reese Court later this week to face Northern Colorado on Thursday, January 19 at 11am PT. The Eagles will host Northern Arizona on Saturday, January 21 at 2:00 PM.

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