McCourt School experts help prepare previously-incarcerated citizens for careers in law

Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizens Affairs (MORCA) – As a partner of Georgetown’s Paralegal Program, the McCourt School career development team I was tasked with preparing students for upcoming job interviews with law firms across DC. Brianna Green, Linda Jones When Daniel Krause Worked with 16 students both individually and in teams, leading interview preparation workshops and mock interviews to provide students with the skills and confidence to become successful candidates. Deputy Director of PJI Kaitlyn ChamberlainA former faculty researcher at McCourt School, sought McCourt’s career development team for their expertise, robust programming, and skill building.

In partnership with MORCA and the DC Employment Services Department, the Georgetown University Prisons and Justice Initiative (PJI) MORCA-Georgetown Paralegal Program Helping returning citizens prepare for a successful career in the legal field. Fellows in the Paralegal Program receive a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Georgetown and an hourly rate to complete a full-time 20-week intensive program. Founded in 2016, PJI also offers educational programs for prisoners. Individuals and Returning Citizens with Academic and Professional Interests in the liberal arts, business and entrepreneurship.

Learn how to succeed in the job market

“Besides confidence, the key to giving a great interview is preparation,” said Greene, director of Career Development and Alumni Engagement at McCourt School. “The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the more comfortable you will feel.”

At interview preparation workshops led by Greene, who has a background in professional career and leadership coaching, fellows research organizations and positions, and learn how to prepare for interviews by arriving on time and making a good impression. I called.Use of In workshops, Green draws on each student’s strengths and tactical skills, how to emphasize these qualities and position yourself during an interview, and how to answer potential questions from interviewers in a concise and focused way. Taught fellows how to prepare responses.

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