Michelle Bahr works in special education to help other families just like the Midland County ESA helped hers


Michelle Barr

Courtesy of Michelle Bahr

Michelle Barr, 60and her husband, Brad, live in Midland and have been married for 38 years. They met during her senior year in Peoria, Illinois. Their parents and grandparents attended middle school and high school together. Mr. and Mrs. Barr have her 33-year-old daughter Kirsten, who lives in Midland, and her 31-year-old daughter Shannon, who is married to Steve Alseid. They live in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with their two-month-old son, Patrick.

Michelle graduated from Limestone Community High School in Bartonville, Illinois. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Bradley College and Saginaw She earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Valley State University and qualified as Director of Special Education. Brad is a retired chemical engineer from Dow Corning & Dow.

How long have you lived in Midland? What made you come here? 38 years, Brad’s work at Dow Corning.

what is your profession? Director of Special Education for the Midland County ESA (Educational Services Agency). I have been at her ESA for 25 years and have taught preschoolers with autism. Half of my career here was in management positions. My first degree was General Education K-8. My oldest daughter received special education services through the Midland County ESA and it changed my life. I went back to school and got my special education approval and master’s degree in early childhood at SVSU so other families like ESA can help our family.

Michelle Barr works to help other families with special education just like the Midland County ESA helped her

what are your interests and hobbies? I am an avid reader. I belong to his PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) and several branches in the Midlands. Provides scholarships for education to women. I am active in First United Methodist Church. Family and friends are important to me. Part of the Midland Area Community Foundation, she co-chairs Neighboring Week. On the committee Access to Recreation, we help businesses and other parts of the community think about accessibility all the time.

what do you like to do in midland?I love going downtown.? I have been a member of the art center for many years. That was my first job at Midland. I love eating out. Friends who love Midland, Dow Gardens, Canopy Walk, Center for the Arts, Downtown and Tunes by the Tridge come to visit. they have a lot to offer.

What do you enjoy about living in Midland? We love raising our family in Midland. The support system here is safe. We have so many resources and so many helpers. I couldn’t be more proud to be in Midland.

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