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To move ePub books and PDFs from your Android to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, use a computer: Connect your Android device to your computer and find your books and PDFs. On most devices, you can find these files in Documents. On a Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it, then go to Documents Step 2 Launch Samsung Galaxy to iPhone Transfer tool, connect your devices to PC After installing, Click Transfer button, the software will show all your files in the window. Please note that the source phone is on the left and the target phone is on the right

1. Transfer data in one click. It has the capacity to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone in one click. You can do data transfer from iPhone to Samsung with the same app as well. 2. Lossless transfer. Phone Transfer will not overwrite or interrupt existing data on both iPhone and Samsung phone during the whole process. 3. Keep original conditions Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone. Then you will reach the Transfer Data screen on your Samsung phone. Select the data you want to move to your new iPhone. Tap on Next to activate the process You can even create a backup for your old phone's files on your PC or Mac, and then transfer or sync your data onto your new Galaxy phone. Note: To use Smart Switch, your phone must run Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later Set up your new iPhone until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Tap Move Data from Android from the options. Download & install Move to iOS on Samsung and run it. Tap Continue, and tap Agree and then Next on the Android phone

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Method 2: Transfer Samsung Notes to iPhone Using PC. The above method will be a bit tedious if you have several notes. To make things easier and quicker, you can transfer notes using a computer Connect both Samsung Android device and iPhone to computer. Turn on USB debugging on the Samsung device. Select Contacts option in the list. Click Start Copy button Launch the Smart Switch app on both of your devices and choose the USB CABLE option. Now, connect the two devices using your iPhone's USB cable and the USB-OTG adapter from your Samsung device. Tap on the Trust button on your iPhone. Now tap NEXT on your Samsung device

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to a screen called 'Apps & Data' > choose 'Move Data from Android' option. The next step is to take your Android device to complete the transfer process with the Move to iOS app. Step 2: Switch to your Android device, open Google Play Store, and search for the 'Move to iOS' app SWITCH FROM ANDROID USING A PC Step 1 Turn off two-step verification on your Apple ID before beginning the process (if applicable). Open Smart Switch on your new Samsung device, then tap 'Start' and read the terms of service, then tap 'Agree'

Enable individuals to export data without connecting to any PC, computer or iTunes. Link both devices with OTG cable and safely send data with the 1-click transfer option. You must have a storage size of at least 24MB to successfully download this application from play or app store Along with wondering how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, people also want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. And for this task, Using Tenorshare iCareFone is undoubtedly the most efficient and seamless solution. Let's take a look at how you can use it to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone Step 1: Ensure the iTunes to Samsung Data Transfer Software identifies your Samsung Galaxy After downloading and installing the iTunes to Samsung Data Transfer program, launch the application. Use a USB cable to link your galaxy to the PC. By doing this, your phone will be instantly recognized by the program Before using the Samsung Smart Switch, you need to backup and restore your iPhone with iCloud if you want to use the wireless function of Samsung Smart Switch to transfer the data from iPhone to Samsung, or you need a lightning USB cable when you select the second ways to transfer However, each device needs a strong data or internet connection to transfer files or access email. Bluetooth vs. File Transfer App: The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have apps that transfer files from one device to another. Some of these apps only work when both devices have the same app and some may need a wireless or data connection

You can not only use it to manage all kinds of files on iPhone but also share files between iPhone and PC, Mac, Android in an easier way. It works like a SD card for iPhone. To transfer data between iPhone and computer or iPhone and Android phones, you firstly have to send files to this file manager app, then forward files from the file manager. This is a great method if you don't have access to a computer, because you can transfer data direct from iPhone to Android! Image Source: Samsung. There are 2 ways use this free app to transfer data from your iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device: iCloud - After syncing your iPhone data with iCloud, you can transfer it to your Android using Smart. Besides iCloud to Samsung transfer, it also supports transferring data from iTunes to Samsung, from iPhone to Samsung, from other Android devices to Samsung, from/to Mac/PC computer. Now, Free Download AnyDroid on your computer firstly, and then follow the simple steps below to transfer data from iCloud to Samsung easily Step 2: Connect Android phone and your new iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. You need to allow USB debugging to connect the Android device and you will have to unlock your iPhone and tap Trust this computer for connecting Apple iPhone. Step 3: Click on Transfer and start the transfer process once both the devices are connected. Once.

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  1. The steps to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung are as follows. Install the program on your computer and launch it. Choose whether to transfer WhatsApp or to transfer the other 17 types of data. Connect both your iPhone and the Samsung device to the computer. (If you choose Transfer WhatsApp, you can connect any devices as you like.
  2. Besides transferring backup data from iTunes to Samsung, Phone Transfer also can help you backup phone data to computer and restore files from computer to phone easily and quickly. By using Phone Transfer, you can transfer everything from an iTunes backup file, such as music, photos, contacts, videos, etc. to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Edge
  3. To use a program to migrate data, you'll have to download it first to your computer, and then connect both of your Samsung device and iPhone to the computer using the USB data cables. After this app recognizes your devices, you can select any categories to have a quick transfer
  4. Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to PC. To begin with, launch the FoneDog Phone Transfer software. Next, connect the PC where the file you want to transfer is found to the iPhone where you want to transfer those files. You can do this in any way you like, but we strongly suggest using a USB cable for a more stable connection
  5. Sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone; Part 3: How to transfer files from Android to iPhone at once (without Internet) If you want to get a fast speed for transferring and keep data on iPhone safe, just use the last method, using iPhone Transfer. It helps you transfer data from Android phone and put the received files on iPhone orderly
  6. First, make sure you have this feature turned on. On your PC: Open the Your Phone app, go to Settings > Cross-device copy and paste, and make sure the toggle is On for Allow this app to access and transfer content I copy and paste between my phone and PC. If you tried to copy a large section of text and it didn't paste on the other device, it's likely to have exceeded the allowable.

To transfer data, like photos and files, from your smartphone or tablet to your computer, you can: Email yourself. Connect with a USB cable. Email yourself. Use your email account on your smartphone or tablet to email photos or other content to yourself. Then, open the email on your computer and download the photos or files llows you to back up your media files on your computer. allows the transfer of media files in high speed. 4. Mobile Trans from Wondershare. Mobile Trans from Wondershare is another free phone transfer software, which allows you to transfer data between Android, iPhone, and Symbian in a single click 6. The devices will then be connected and you can share your files to the recipient. How to transfer files from Android to PC using Xender app. 1. To transfer files from your Android device to PC, open the app on the phone and the Xender site on your desktop. 2. Tap the icon that you will see at the top left corner in your phone. 3 Method 1: Use Move to iOS App. One of the easiest ways to move contacts (and other data such as messages, apps, etc.) from any Android phone to iPhone is using the 'Move to iOS' service.This. Use an app: Download the Move to iOS app at the Google Play Store and use it to transfer your contacts. Use the Android SIM card: On Android, open Contacts. Tap Settings > Import/Export > Export > SIM card. Put the SIM card in your iPhone. Use Google: Back up Contacts to Google. Add the Google app to the iPhone. Move the Contacts slider to On

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Now, launch the software on your PC and connect both your devices to the PC using the cables mentioned before. On the software interface you should now be able to see Device 1 - which would be your Samsung smartphone - and Device 2 - which will be the iPhone that you want to transfer your WhatsApp data to Part 1:Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone 7 with Phone Transfer. While the process of transferring data from Android to iOS is relatively straightforward,it's nice to know there is a safety tool name Phone Transfer.Here we offers a free data transfer tool for you to transfer Samsung data to iPhone 7 without any complex steps,it work well for contacts,photos,SMS,call logs,WhatsApp history. How to guides. Transfer files between computer and phone. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. Step 1 of 8. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 8. Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen. Step 3 of 8 Step 1 Install and open Phone Transfer. After downloading this app, launch it. And you need to connect your Samsung phone and another phone with your computer via USB cable. Soon your two phones will be detected by this phone transferring app. Step 2 Choose the data you want to transfer and back up If you are an iPhone user, it is also a good choice to use icloud to transfer data to the Samsung Galaxy A12. please note that this method is used to keeping your iPhone data in icloud accounts, so you also need to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer iPhone data. Step 1:Open Samsung Smart Switch and click wireless

If your old phone is an iPhone, what you care most and first is how to transfer all the data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+. Here are 4 solutions to transfer data safely from iPhone to Galaxy S20. Solution 1: Transfer data directly from phone to phone (all-in-one solution) Solution 2: Transfer content with Samsung Smart Switc Set down your new iPhone and allow for the data transfer to complete. Option 2: Using a computer and iTunes. Note: Last chance for up to $500 off Samsung and iPhones Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer Using iCloud This is a method that we briefly discussed towards the beginning of this article, and is still viable for those seeking multiple alternatives


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How to Transfer WhatsApp from Samsung to Huawei with iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer When it comes to transfer WhatsApp, you can use iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer to do that without any hassle. It has a simple interface and makes to easy for you to transfer, backup, and restore your WhatsApp Business data Method 1: How to transfer data from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy S21 5G/S21 5G Plus fastest method using Android Switch. Let's check how to use Android Switch step by step to transfer data from Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S21 5G/S21 5G Plus.. Download and install Android Switch on your computer from link provided on this page

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  1. Step 1: Install Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer on your computer and run the application. Next, connect the iPhone and Android to the computer using a USB. Step 2: Click Transfer to start the data transfer process. Step 3: During this whole process, please keep the two devices connected to the computer
  2. The most time-saving and efficient way to Transfer data from Samsung to NOKIA is to use Android data switch.This is a very professional data transfer software for your successful transfer of photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, contact blacklist, music, and apps to NOKIA. No loss of data will occur in the process of transfer, and the speed of.
  3. Moreover, you can use it to transfer videos from a computer to Samsung phone effortlessly. All in all, when it comes to manage your media files such as photos, videos and music songs with multiple devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, Note 5, S9, S8, S7, S6, A9, A7, J7, etc., Android Manager will be a great choice
  4. The Smart Switch app lets you transfer an iCloud backup from your iPhone. It also lets you transfer your data from an Android phone without using a computer. If you have an iPhone backed up to iTunes, a BlackBerry or Nokia phone, click here. For all other phones, click here. If your iPhone is backed up with iCloud or it's an Android phone
  5. How to transfer data between Samsung phones freely with Smart Switch With Samsung Smart, it is possible to transfer even the data stored in the phone memory and the SD card. Using WiFi and the Smart Switch app you can now transfer all your data from your old Samsung device to your new Samsung Galaxy quickly and safely
  6. In order to assist you to transfer MP4 to iPhone with no limitation, I would like to suggest you use Leawo iTransfer. This software is quite professional and can transfer MP4 to iPhone easily and accurately, which allows you to transfer files and data between iOS devices, iTunes and PC, view data and documents on iOS devices from PC, and so on
  7. The easiest and most simple way to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung is using the Samsung Smart Switch App. This app can be used to transfer from one device directly to another or you can backup your device and restore it from a PC or Mac. In this guide we will explain how to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data

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GrrGrrr. 2012-08-13 17:20:21. option-1:use the samsung software that came along with the phone, and using the data cable transfer photo. option-2:ur phone and PC if they both have bluetooth, transfer photos using bluetooth Transfer files between computer and your Samsung Galaxy A20 Android 9.0. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. 1. Connect phone and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. 2. Choose setting for USB connection. Slide your finger downwards starting. When trying to transfer contents to Galaxy phone via Samsung Smart Switch on PC/Mac, Smart Switch for PC or Mac may fail to recognize your Galaxy phone, iPhone, or Android devices. If a similar problem happens to you, you can do the following things Open Phone Screen in the Your Phone app on your PC. Navigate to a folder in the My Files section. Long press on the desired file until a checkmark appears. To transfer additional files, simply tap. 5 Ways to Connect iPhone to Windows 10 PC to Transfer Files. It is very command for us to transfer files between a Phone and a PC, such as transfer pictures from a Phone to a PC, share music from a PC to a Phone, or sync a phone to PC to make a backup

You then need to select the backup option in iTunes, and transfer your data from your device to your computer option. 2. Next, you will need to turn on your new iPhone and complete the setup assistant (selecting your language, country and location services). Make sure you chose Wi-Fi network at this stage How to Selectively Backup iPhone 8/X Photos to Mac/PC Computer Without iTunes. How to Transfer Playlists from iTunes to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X with Ease. How to Delete (Multiple) Songs from iPhone 8/iPhone X in 1 Click. How to Backup Contacts on iPhone 8 (Plus)/X to Computer or iCloud

It depends on the media files size like videos, music files, photos, etc. Of course, you can ask help from phone transfer tool like Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. With its help, we can directly transfer data from one phone to another on computer via. Wireless transfer app is a simple to use photo and video transfer application. With the help of it, users can quickly copy both videos and photos over a Wi-Fi network from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad and vice versa, iPhone/iPad to computer and vice versa, iPhone/iPad to Android and vice versa, Android to computer and vice versa

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Plug the adapter into the Samsung phone, the Lightning cable to the iPhone and then connect the two. You should immediately see a message pop up on your iPhone. Tap Trust on the iPhone, and then. Step 3. Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone. iTunes is the official tool to help you sync files between computer and iOS devices. It can sync all kinds of files from computer to iPhone iPad, such as photos, videos, books, etc. It works with ringtones sync as well. See following guide to sync ringtones to iPhone using iTunes By using OneDrive, you can quickly transfer files from PC to PC or Mac to PC, so your files are organized like they were on your old computer and you can get right back to work. You can use an external storage device such as a USB drive, SD card, or external hard drive to help you move all your favorite files off a Windows 7 PC and onto a.

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Transferring files using the above-mentioned method requires setup and access every time you would want to transfer the data. But what if, there's a way to wirelessly view and transfer all the mobile content on PC just like a Windows drive Transfer data among iPhone, Android and computer. Move media files like movie, TV shows, iTunes U, etc. Save and manage messages on computer with ease. View and store photos including HEIC, PNG, JPG formats. Add, delete, modify contacts. Make ringtone for iPhone and Android phone easier. Convert HEIC format images to PNG or JPG

NOTE: To transfer data between Android and iOS, you may also have to install iTunes on your computer. Step 3: Transfer Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3 data to iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus/8 Plus/X. After completing all the steps above, just tick all the data you want in the middle, such as videos, music, photos, contacts, etc., and then click the Start Transfer button 1.Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. Samsung has recently launched Smart Switch Mobile - simple and powerful transfer solution for users to move data from old phone to new Samsung Galaxy like S6 or S6 Edge. This free app lets you transfer data between Galaxy phones with ease. Place the devices close together, open the app in both phones and let them connected Android Data Backup & Restore can work as an easy-to-use Samsung data transfer and backup tool. It has the capability to export all types of data on your Samsung phone to computer for backup. Moreover, it enables you to restore these files to Samsung device in case the data loss How to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy Phone. Step 1 Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7/S6. Use two USB cable so as to connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer. Then, the program will detect data in these two devices right away. You can click Flip at the middle of the software to change the position of these. Transfer using email You can also transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using email. However, this is a tedious process as you can transfer only one chat at once

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  1. If possible, try using a PC with more recent operating system like Windows 8 or Windows 10 and see how file transfer works. Use Smart Switch. Samsung knows that millions of Galaxy owners will be.
  2. It can also back up and restore phone data. Most of all, this application has the ability to transfer files from phone to phone with zero quality loss. To transfer Samsung contacts using this program, here are the steps to follow: Download. Download and Install Phone Transfer on your computer
  3. Now, let's see the steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone 11. First, turn on the iPhone and follow on-screen prompts until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Advertisement. Second, select Move Data from Android.. Third, on your Android phone, install the Move To iOS app from the Play Store and open it. Advertisement
  4. Run the Android to iPhone Data Transfer Tool. Run dr.fone - Switch, the best Android to iPhone data transfer tool on the computer, and you will see the window as follows. After then, connect your Android phone and your iPhone with the computer via USB cables respectively. Make sure that both devices can be successfully detected by your computer.
  5. Mobile Transfer is a professional transfer tool designed to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, audio, videos, among iPhone, Android and PC in just one click! It works for most phone models (including Android 10 and iOS 13) and data types professionally. Besides, it also does well in HEIC converting and ringtones making
  6. We can definitely help see if you're able to transfer the pictures from your phone to your computer. Which Kyocera flip phone do you have? How are you currently backing up the pictures on your phone? If my response answered your question please click the Correct Answer button under my response
  7. To use Smart Switch, you can choose to either transfer your iPhone data from iCloud or directly from your iPhone using a USB adapter. Using iCloud is recommended for transfers of large amounts of data, as you can have both devices connected to a charger for the duration

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Method 2: Use the back-up and restore function. If the process doesn't work, or you only want to transfer selected messages from an iPhone to your Android device, use dr.fone's back-up and restore. If your Samsung Galaxy S9 can be detected by computer via usb cable, you can try the way below to transfer files from Samsung Galaxy S9 to computer easily. Here, you need a Samsung mobile manager tool. After you install it on your computer, start it. Connect Samsung Galaxy S9 to computer via usb cable Aside from expanding its memory, Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus users can opt to simply transfer some of their mobile phone files to their personal computers in order to free up some additional space for those photographs and videos that are too important to just delete out of hand Therefore, we can use this feature to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone/iPad. However, the steps might seem a bit intricate. For a clear idea, I divide the whole process into two parts. Please take a look. Part 1: Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer. Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to a computer. Step 2

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Hi, Here are the following steps that I used to transfer my contacts from my android phone to my iPhone 5S: 1. Go to contact and export your address book to the android device. 2. Connect your phone to your computer and copy the .vcf file on it. 3. Create a new e-mail and send the e-mail to the address that it is configured on your iPhone device For Android users, transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, HTC M8, Google Nexus 5, etc to Sony Xperia Z3 is very simple. You just need to connect the two devices to the computer via USB cable and directly drag and drop the files from one to another Choose Toolkit and then tap Phone transfer. Connect mobile and PC, push Backup and tap Next. Point 2. All Samsung finding are ruled by Syncios Data Transfer developed for photos, list of contacts, music player, and things like that. After you relocate data in computer, choose Select camera roll and photo library. It will upload soon, so push Nex WhatsApp transfer via MobileTrans is the most efficient and the simplest solution for transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, supporting the direct transfer of WhatsApp data between the two devices apart from dr.fone, email chat method and Backuptrans. MobileTrans features. Ensures data transfer from one device to another quickly and safely If you want to transfer from an older iPhone to a newer Android phone, there are even OEM-specific tools from the likes of OnePlus and Samsung that streamline the process even further. In those.

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Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android. Learn more. Android Data Recovery The best data recovery for Android Phones and Tablets. only $49.95. $59.95. Directly Scan SMS, contacts, photos, video and Recover. Transfer Restored Data between Android and PC via Android Transfer. Preview lost Data before Recovery There's no direct way - you need to download everything from Verizon cloud to your computer, then upload it all to Google drive. If the only data in Verizon cloud is from your current phone, you can set your photos, contacts, texts, music, etc to all backup to Google cloud (over wifi unless you aren't worried about data) rather than Verizon cloud Steps to Transfer Data from iCloud to Android. Step 1. Launch the program and choosing to enter the restored mode. Install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, when you see the primary interface, firstly, look for the iCloud icon in the restore block, click on it to enter the Restore from iCloud backup mode. Step 2 The manual way to transfer photos from iPhone to Android is to drag everything and drop it (if you have a Windows PC). Connect the iPhone via USB, open My Computer and look for the iPhone icon. Open it and look for the DCIM folder. That's where your pictures are; just select them and drag them to a folder on your PC