My Career Journey: Breaking Into the Music Industry

Most people could judge me as arrogant if I said I could be too ambitious and never imagined myself doing a typical 9-5 job. there is. From an early age, I knew that music would be the means by which I would become rich, famous, and otherwise highly regarded. was

Ever since I saw the movie Why Do Fools Fall in Love when I was 11, I have become more and more interested in composing my own music. The film follows 1950s singer Frankie Lymon as her three women claiming to be the wives battle over his property in court. The film’s plot is based on a version of the song “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” written by Lymon and his band, The Teenagers, re-recorded by one of his most popular artists of the time, Diana. It revolves around the legal battle that began after the Loss.

After seeing this movie, I told myself I wanted to make something so great that people would fight over me after I died, like Frankie Lymon’s wife fought over him. When I first started making music, being an introvert in almost every sense of the word, I tried to be an artist myself until I realized I didn’t want to perform. I quickly discovered that there were people working behind the scenes who were primarily songwriters.

This is my dream job. Because I’m just writing for people, and I don’t have to do it with the benefit of my work, and I can be in a circle of eminent people.

One other reason is less competition. Most people want to work as artists without realizing that writing makes a lot of money. I haven’t written a song for anyone yet, but I’ve been writing my own songs to prove myself, so when the opportunity arises to write a song for someone, I’ll be ready.

Writing music allows me to tell my life experiences in a unique way and help others tell their stories. , you get the best of both worlds.

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