Myles Garrett doesn’t believe he’s had a ‘gold jacket career’

Browns DE Myles Garrett continues to claim Defensive Player of the Year. But did he claim the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

A six-year veteran doesn’t think he has.

“If I can keep up the pace I’m at, I definitely think I’ll go that route,” Garrett told reporters. “At the moment, there is absolutely no Gold Jacket career.”

Garrett has 72 career sacks, 95th all-time. He has recorded his double-digit sack seasons in his fifth straight year and has been selected to the Pro Bowl four years in a row.

Garrett has had a great career so far, but he may be right in that he still has a long way to go.

“If I keep doing what I’m doing and pick up the pace…I think that’s my future,” Garrett added. “But I have a long way to go.”

He’s yet to earn Defensive Player of the Year honors. He may have a chance at his 2022 award, but 49ers’ DE Nick Bosa and Cowboys’ LB Micah his Parsons look like favorites as the season comes to a close. .

Also, Garrett has only played in two postseason games. His lack of playoff experience could hurt his claim in Canton for now.

The 26-year-old is still in the early stages of his NFL career and is on pace to eventually win a Gold Jacket. Another thing that always helps is the ring, but Garrett will probably have to wait until 2023 for another shot at one of them.

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