NBA star Jimmy Butler on his coffee love affair and second career

Whether on the basketball court or behind the barista bar, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is determined to be the best. That’s why he’s been involved in every step of the process in founding his own coffee company, his Bigface Brand.

“I want to be on every Zoom call, every meeting, every procurement trip, wherever I am, anywhere in the world.” Just because I want people to know, yes my name is in it. , on it, part of it, but I’m really there, really with me, I go to these places and I learn more and more every day.”

Like many others during the peak of the Covid-19 quarantine, he said six-time NBA All-Stars were boring. I decided to combine both to create my own coffee brand.

The brand began gaining traction when the NBA was forced to move its operations and games to Orlando to play a “bubble” season. Butler took matters into his own hands and began selling his $20 coffee to his fellow NBA players. That cup, using beans from El Salvador, he brewed himself with the espresso machine he brought to his hotel room in Orlando.

“from when [NBA] When the bubble started, I wanted to be the best barista,” Butler said.

Jimmy Butler

Source: Bigface

Butler officially launched Bigface in October 2021 in partnership with the e-commerce platform. Shopify and through its creator program. As part of the program, Butler will receive all profits and Shopify will be able to leverage the athlete’s name, image and likeness. Earlier this year, Shopify announced the signing of six high school basketball players to help her build her own direct-to-consumer brand.

Bigface currently offers four different coffee blends and a collaboration with coffee brand Onyx Coffee. This brand sells more than coffee beans. Bigface’s site also includes apparel such as hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts, as well as accessories such as coffee mugs and tumblers.

“Shopify really helped me realize my e-commerce idea. [platform] said Butler. …they made that transition legally perfect and everything looked so good. I am very happy with how our business model is going and helped them bring this entrepreneurial idea to life I think ”

Butler said the idea for Bigface started when he saw the power of people bonding over coffee.As the brand grows, he said he wants to open Bigface cafes around the world.

“Whether you’re drinking iced coffee, hot coffee, cold coffee, cold brew, sitting down and drinking, all of this was built on having a good time laughing. Please understand the similarities,” said Butler.

Butler’s advice for anyone interested in starting their own business is to surround yourself with a team that pushes you to be the best and don’t compare yourself to others.

“Do what you gotta do. Remember why you’re doing it and stick to it. Then success is literally on the other side of very hard because it was so hard.” Butler said. “But that’s the fun part, because nothing of value comes easily.”

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