Neal nudges into spotlight on career day for Cambridge brothers

TEMPE — moments following their career performance on Sunday, Devan Cambridge When Jamia Neal We found ourselves conveniently located side by side in the media room at the Desert Financial Arena. There, the on-court chemistry took a different shape.

Cambridge ended his response with a smile, knowing that the next question was Neil’s answer. “Your turn,” he said. They tag-teamed throughout the postgame press conference just as they did during Arizona State’s 73-65 win over Washington.

Neil took charge of the first 20 minutes, then Cambridge took charge of the second half. as it seemed.

During an otherwise disappointing 28-point first half in which ASU’s offense was otherwise disappointing, Neal scored bucket after bucket off the bench until he reached a career-high 12 points. He had a career-high 12 his rebounds by the end of the game and was as aggressive defensively as he had been in his last two years.

“We tried to talk to him. [doing] A lot of things,’ said the coach bobby harley Said. “Don’t identify yourself by whether the ball goes through the basket. He was rebounding off the ball. So 11 defensive rebounds is huge for a guy who plays on the perimeter. ‘s activity level was very good and defense was also very good, it seemed that the game slowed down, but on offense his vision and reading seemed to be very good. ”

He could only add two points in total, but assured reporters after the game that his job wasn’t done in the second half.

Neil had to help the “developers” do their part.

“I am happy to have reached a career high. [my teammates] And since we made that little connection, Dev was happy to help propel his career high, too.

Neil lob assisted two of Cambridge’s amazing seven dunks. This was enough of a joke for nearby Hillcrest to be recognized at the expense of his former teammate at Prep. They were effectively brothers, Neil hinted.

“The developers went to Hillcrest and I went to Hillcrest,” said Neil. “We were lucky. He’s kind of the third Cambridge in my team.”

Cambridge added, “My Hillcrest companion.”

Even their coaches couldn’t help but name them for the interconnected successes they found. That seemed to spill over to the rest of the Sun Devils as they finished with a season-high 23 assists. Everyone was in action.

“It’s like going from ‘Guard U’ to ‘Lob U,’” says Hurley. “That’s what the second half was like. It was really a showcase of great athleticism and it wasn’t just on the open court. Jamya had a couple against the zone so he could cut Devan on the back line.” I don’t have a stat sheet in front of me, but I know I had a lot of assist baskets.

Still, even with four double-digit players, it was a Cambridge day. Nothing overshadowed a player who peaked over the rim on an incredible number of occasions and rocked the rim to reach his career-high 18 points. Additionally, he had his two excellent blocks, a pair of steals, and a draw his charge.

“It’s very exciting, yes,” said Cambridge. “I’ve been waiting for a match like this. I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”

But to close out a post-game interview centered around him as the main subject, he suddenly spoke to his brother, senior guard and fellow starter Desmond about the 2,000-point career milestone he reached. I was asked about Cambridge Jr.

“Yeah, he sucks,” Cambridge joked at first.

They could not have predicted their journey to this point in the afternoon. Over the past few years, Desmond shone as a go-to scorer at Brown and Nevada, while Devan was relegated to a supporting role throughout his Auburn career.

When he got together at ASU, Desmond said the reunion happened at least in part in the preseason, excited to finally play in a major conference with his long-lost brother. Perhaps the two are finally about to step center stage together as they show the grace they need to give their siblings props in what was widely acknowledged to be a moment. ing.

“No, he’s a bucket,” Devan said of his brother. But 2,000 points is a lot of points. I am proud of him, I love him and will continue to do so.”

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