Next to 2-time world champion Max Verstappen, your career “just ends”, believes Dutch racing expert

Earlier this month, Lando Norris revealed that he had been in talks with the Red Bull F1 team about sitting next to Max Verstappen, but chose to stay at McLaren instead.

Dutch race expert Tom Coronel believes the Briton “was the right choice to do so”. The main driver of the team.

Coronel told that if Norris had sat next to Verstappen, he would have been treated like everyone else. “Next to Max, your career is just over,” the 50-year-old added.

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Max Verstappen’s former teammate

The two-time World Championship title holder has had many teammates since his debut.but one person[Daniel Ricciardo]Verstappen has no teammate who could outdo him.

Speaking to, Coronel mentions another teammate. Red Bull juniors Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon, like Verstappen himself, did not live up to their racing potential and were demoted to their sister team.[Gasly] or in the position of the reserve driver[Albon].

Even his current teammate Sergio Perez has been unable to bring consistent competition to the 25-year-old during his two-year stint with the Red Bull team.

Verstappen has proven to be a difficult driver to beat and Coronel thinks Norris was wise not to team up with the Dutch driver.

Max Verstappen doesn’t feel the need to share his private life

Verstappen only posts a few times a month on his social media accounts, and even those posts are very likely controlled by some agency.

When asked if he would change that about himself in the future, the two-time world champion replied that he didn’t feel the need to share his private life with his followers.

He even noted that his girlfriend Kelly Pique also has much less than before. he explained.

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