No professional meeting is complete without career programming

Are you in the mood to explore different career paths or hone your transferable skills to become a more effective member of the scientific workforce? Biochemistry USA March 25-28 in Seattle Join us at Discover BMB 2023, the annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology.

Located in the center of the exhibit hall, right next to the ASBMB booth, the Career Center offers a schedule packed with career programs for each day of the meeting. Whether you’re currently looking for a job, planning to enter the job market soon, or looking to advance the career you already have, we’ve got you covered To do.

Our Career Program includes four main components:

mini session

We reserve specific times and days when you can stop by the Career Center for a new topic every 30 minutes. Please be sure to check the schedule. These sessions include talks on various careers.

Hear about career paths in the broader field of scientific publishing, see if your interests align in large and small industry settings, and see what a consulting career actually looks like on a day-to-day basis. Let’s learn what it entails.

Participate in discussions focused on skills or tools. Brush up on your negotiating strategy or learn how to leverage social media to promote your science and yourself. We aim to cover a range of tools, skills and careers that are of interest to people inside and outside academia.

one-on-one coaching

Looking to meet with a professional to review specific goals or prepare for an interview? Stop by to book a place with your coach. Several experts are on hand each day to provide guidance on various topics. Check in at the Career Center or check out our social media to see what topics are being offered each day.

Also, if you are interested in helping as a coach, be sure to indicate so on the meeting registration form so that the ASBMB professional development team can coordinate the logistics.

LinkedIn profile review

Just like your resume or CV, your LinkedIn profile should highlight your strengths and show how you stand out from the crowd in the job market. Stop by the career center and view his LinkedIn profile on your phone or computer. Our experts suggest tweaks and enhancements you can make to help you stand out from the crowd.

job board

Does your lab or business have vacancies to advertise to conference attendees, or are you looking to leverage Discover BMB to find your next position? Job boards post next career steps A place to discover.

Meetup spaces throughout the exhibition hall are also convenient options for informal interviews. Don’t miss the opportunity to end a meeting with a promising candidate or future career.

And laugh!

ASBMB deployed photographers to take portraits of attendees on the day of the meeting. The photographer is not officially part of Career Her program, but check the schedule. We encourage you to add this fresh professional photo to her LinkedIn profile you just verified.

Take your career to the next level with talks and tips from #DiscoverBMB.

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