North Carolina commit Reniya Kelly aiming to finish Hoover career on high note

Lenya Kelly has accomplished more than any other player in the history of Hoover Girls basketball.

A smooth and creative floor general, she has appeared in three of her last four state championships as a back, leading her team to a 21-1 record this season.

She joined the national team as an eighth grader.

As a freshman, she displayed her trademark composure when she hit a game-winning basket in the state semifinals. This is the first of her career and the school’s first championship since 2013.

Playing rivals Vestavia Hills earlier this week, Kerry scored the team’s first points with a spot-up 3-pointer in a 56-36 win. Last month, Kelly overtook Lindsay Harris (2004-2008) to become the Hoover Girls’ all-time leading scorer.

She currently has over 2,00 points in her career.

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“We have had so many great players and we’ve had so much success as a program, so to have her reach that milestone and be the first player to achieve it is a huge honor for her.” It says a lot about being a player,” said Hoover coach Krystle Johnson. “She has led the team in assists for the past four years, scoring her over 2,000 points in a team surrounded by so much talent. That’s it.”

Kelly entered the long-running Power Hoover program as an athletic guard who could field and score. Hoover has continued to dominate as she continues to grow.

“She’s more of a leader,” Johnson said. “She is trying to be more aggressive, stronger and learn to make the right decisions. must be

“She’s been everything to us. She can be the scorer. She can be the passer. She’s the leader and the rebounder. She has to do everything.” Everyone’s game plan is stopping her, so there’s a lot to ask of anyone trying to stop him.”

Carrying the extra burden of leading this team, Kelly has shown he can do better this season. In 22 games, Kelly increased his rebounds per game to 5.0 and his assists to 5.4. He shoots 44% from the floor and 47.4% over the arc. She averages 14.2 points per game.

What did Kelly do in the offseason?

“Just my shoot. Stay consistent with my shoot,” she said. “It used to be striped, but now it’s very consistent. That’s the biggest thing that happened last year and this year.”

As a junior, Kelly averaged 14.7 points per game on a 45% shooting percentage. From the deep she shot 41.2%, had 4.9 assists per game, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 2.9 steals per game, leading the Bucks to their most recent state championship.

Kelly can effectively use either hand on the court. Therefore, it is difficult to tell whether a person is naturally right-handed or left-handed.

“I’m right-handed, but I can do things with my left hand,” Kelly said. “Sometimes I write with my left hand, and I do a lot of things with my left hand to build strength. Passing on the left side and dribbling on the left side are big keys to being a guard.”

Kelly will take his talent to North Carolina and join the Tar Heels next season.

“I’m in full force right now, so it’s gotten a lot easier. Now I’m playing, having fun, doing what I do,” she said.

“North Carolina was a perfect fit for me. I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to get better on and off the court. I felt I could relate to them.I loved the coaching staff and had a great connection.From the moment I started talking to them.”

Kelly displays a champ’s coolness on every play.

Her athleticism makes her a mismatch for the Buccaneers on the floor every night.

There’s no question how she wants her Hoover Basketball career to end.

“That’s the plan,” she said.

Hoover plans to resume the season on Saturday against Luella, Georgia.

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