Organization helps Chicago high school students career jumpstart

Chicago — Chicago high school students can now jump-start their futures at the Career Fair at the Future Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park.

The Lakeside Alliance, a joint venture of five construction companies responsible for building the Obama Center, hosted the career fair.

“We wanted our students to be in one place, under one roof, talking about all the different types of opportunities,” said Kelly Powers of the Lakeside Alliance. What’s even more exciting?”

Makhi Davis is one of over 100 students who have come to speak to construction professionals one-on-one. He aspires to be an architect and wants to learn what architecture requires.

“It’s not just architecture, it’s engineering, ironwork. There’s a lot to learn about many different components, and I know a lot, but there’s a lot more,” added Davis.

Adriana Lopez Marin and Union Ironworker from Chicago want to improve diversity in their industry with high salaries and benefits.

Lopez Marin said, “I know you can dream and see opportunities that were possible before other people start looking like me in the booth.

Powers Barris wants to show the younger generation that dreams are possible.

“It’s important for them to see themselves fulfilled in the roles they have today.”

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