OSU extension partners with Washington County Career Center to help high schools learn financial literacy

PARKERSBURG, Va. (WTAP) – High school 11th graders across the county gathered on Monday afternoon to learn about financial literacy.

Today’s program, called “Real Money Real World Simulation,” gave these students real insight into the costs they would incur as they got older. Housing, childcare, groceries, transportation, and many other costs were included in student budgets.

Students such as Luke Bumgard say today’s exercise was eye-opening and helps them understand what’s to come.

“It really makes you think about things you didn’t have before, like insurance, how much you actually eat, childcare, having kids later might be smarter than having kids earlier than some people. ” said Bumgard.

Extension educator Bruce Zimmer says he believes financial literacy will help students not only today, but well into the future.

“Financial literacy is very important not only for young people, but also for young people who are considering a career because it helps them choose a career based on their goals. It also helps you understand what you need, and that’s the name of the program,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer added that it is difficult to bring simulations into real life, but he believes students exposed to this knowledge will benefit greatly.

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