Ousted Netflix worker scripts new career as investor

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Fifteen months after being fired from Netflix for a high profile, B. Pagels-Minor is embarking on a new career and aiming to become the first black transgender venture capitalist.

  • “I’m not necessarily someone who likes to be in front of a camera,” said Pagels Miner, but the Netflix experience prompted a change: .

FlashbackIn 2021, Pagels Minor was fired from her role as Netflix’s program manager (8 months pregnant) after the company claimed information about Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer” was leaked. (Pagels-Minor denied leaking her information to the press, only admitting to posting the data on an internal message board.)

  • Within Netflix, Chappelle’s relationship with Netflix has been contentious for years in both black and transgender employee groups, both co-chaired by Pagels Minor. .
  • What was concerning was Chappelle’s outspoken criticism of transgender identity. This includes in “The Closer” he admits to being on “Team TERF”. This is a reference to trans-existing radical feminists pushing an anti-trans agenda.
  • The employees weren’t asking for a ban on specials, but they wanted some sort of content warning similar to what Netflix added to the series 13 Reasons Why.
  • Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos told employees there was no connection between anti-transgender content in the media and real-world violence, and vowed to keep the service’s specials intact. employee strike.

Pagels-Minor was found quickly Not only did they lose their jobs at Netflix, but even though their resumes included Apple, Sprout Social and Cars.com, the doors to similar roles elsewhere were all but closed. It was

  • They applied for the job, got a good interview or two, only to hear through the vines that the VP said no regarding “optics.”
  • “I was inconspicuously blacklisted after Netflix,” Pagels-Minor said.

So Pagels-Minor expanded its consulting practice They initially did it on a small scale for Plume, an internet-based health service that specializes in caring for transgender and nonbinary people.

  • However, as they continued to consult, Pagels-Minor discovered their true passion was combining fundraising and consulting to accelerate the growth of companies.

With that in mind, Pagels-Minor has pivoted to venture capital, creating DVRGNT Ventures, a new company focused on pre-seed and seed-stage companies.

detail: Pagels-Minor said it is actively raising $10 million in funding and expects to make its first investment by the end of March and to be fully funded by January 2024.

  • The fund focuses on people and places currently overlooked by a few big city-focused cultures.
  • Pagels-Minor said he is open to companies in a variety of industries, but he is most interested in companies looking to improve critical areas of life such as healthcare, transportation and food sustainability. increase.
  • “I’m looking for a remote founder in a city in between. [and] We’re trying to solve real problems,” they said.

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