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  1. The current expected waiting time standards are: 18 weeks from referral to consultant-led treatment (for 95% of patients) Two weeks to see a specialist for urgent cancer referrals (for 93% of patients) You can find more information on waiting times and what to expect when waiting for treatment on the guide to NHS waiting times in England
  2. UK NHS top surgery waiting times UPDATE MAY 2020: all waiting times given below are subject to reconfirmation due to the impact of coronavirus on surgical resources. We're not aware of any NHS top surgeries being definitively scheduled at the current time, but we welcome updates from any followers who have had contact with surgeons since.
  3. Glenn Jones was treated by the orthopaedic team at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. As well as ankle surgery, it is responsible for getting people back on their feet after knee, hip.
  4. Covid: Surgery waiting times could be cut with specialist hubs, say surgeons. The Royal College of Surgeons says there should be around 40 centres based in existing NHS buildings to carry out non.
  5. The latest NHS England performance figures, out on Thursday, showed that the total number of people waiting for hospital treatment, especially surgery, had topped 5 million for the first time. It.
  6. Waiting times for referral and treatment are currently long. Treatment for children and young people. If your child is under 18 and may have gender dysphoria, they'll usually be referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. GIDS has 2 main clinics in London and Leeds
  7. The number of people being forced to wait at least a year for planned, non-urgent treatment in hospital, especially surgery, has fallen for the first time in more than a year but remains a serious..

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Incomplete pathways are waiting times for patients waiting to start treatment at the end of the month.; Admitted pathways are waiting times (time waited) for patients whose treatment started during the month and involved admission to hospital (until September 2015 adjustments were made to admitted pathways for clock pauses, where a patient had declined reasonable offers of admission and chose. 2. I have breached the 18 week wait. What are myoptions? As per the NHS constitution, you have the right to access certain NHS services within maximum waiting times or, if this is not possible, for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer you a range of suitable alternative providers. However, the pandemic may be limitin The Strategy Unit estimated £3-4bn would be needed just to keep the NHS standing still on mental health post-pandemic, let alone improving services and waiting times. That is far more than the £500m announced in the 2020 comprehensive spending review The figures show the impact a year of Covid has had on NHS surgery and it will take many years to get back to pre-pandemic waiting times. The recovery of planned surgery is well under way

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Waiting times do not apply to patients that need emergency treatment. If you're assessed as needing emergency treatment you will be seen within the 4 hour target window, 95% of people should be discharged or transferred within 4 hours The 62-day waiting time standard for cancer treatment hasn't been met nationally since 2013/14. A clinical review of the main NHS access standards is currently under way. The interim report proposed changes to how waiting times for A&E, routine hospital, cancer and mental health services will operate in future The ex-serviceman had been told he'd have to wait 12 to 18 months for NHS surgery to correct a disc problem that was causing terrible lower back pain. But going privately, he waited just two months from diagnosis last October to having the operation (and this included a one-month delay because his surgeon tested positive for Covid) The total NHS waiting list for routine treatments reached 4.4 million at the end of October, with more than a third of patients waiting more than 18 weeks - the NHS target for waiting times. Waiting for treatment can be extremely challenging psychologically and we all need support at times. If you or a family member needs psychological wellbeing support, patients can self-refer to the Psychological Wellbeing Service run by CPFT. Tel: 0300 300 0055 9am-4pm. Email: selfreferiapt@cpft.nhs.uk

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  1. The NHS Constitution also includes a right for patients to receive elective surgery (including hip and knee replacements) within 18 weeks. Over the last year, NHS England has been reviewing waiting time targets and has made a number of proposals that could affect access to joint replacement surgery. This includes a proposal to test an average.
  2. More than 83 000 patients in England waited more than a year for NHS treatment in July, the highest number since October 2008 and an 81-fold increase from 1032 in July last year, latest figures have shown.1 The number of people who had been on waiting lists for more than 18 weeks in July was also the highest since records began in 2007, at 2.15 million. Just 46.8% of patients were treated.
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Surgery referrals. Once consensus has been reached between you and two of your clinicians, they will refer you to a surgeon for chest or genital surgery. Surgery is provided by services external to the GIC. Waiting times for surgery after you have been referred by the GIC will depend on the waiting lists of individual surgical service providers A waiting time consists of a series of standards that set the maximum amount of time a patient will wait at each stage in the referral to treatment process. These standards relate to acute hospital care such as for hip or knee surgery or cataract removal You need to go through a GIC, so you've got a long wait. You can switch between private and NHS treatment too but you can't really have both at the same time. You need to go and see your GP and ask for a GIC referral (I think daventry has shortest waiting list right now) and then go through their conditions before being referred for top surgery Average waiting time for NHS operations hits six months thanks to covid. By Rob Findlay 2020-05-14T14:23:00+01:00. and if this means that the NHS has been able to keep on top of most outpatient demand, then that would be good news. The change in the size of the waiting list during the month is, broadly speaking, the difference between the. The OECD median wait time for cataract surgery was 92 days. For hip replacement, it was 113 days, and for knee replacement, it was 189 days. The median waiting times for cataract surgery ranged from 24 days in Italy to over 250 days in Poland. Waiting times for hip replacement ranged from 35 days in Denmark to 282 in Estonia

Millions of people are now waiting and worried Covid-19 continues to have a severe effect on planned surgery in the UK, and dealing with the resulting backlog is a critical concern for the NHS. Data from NHS England show that the number of patients awaiting treatment hit a record high of 4.46 million in November 2020,1 with the number of referrals well below 2019 levels While the NHS offers excellent treatment, unfortunately waiting times for consultation appointments and routine operations are extremely lengthy. You could be waiting several years for a procedure. The chart below details waiting times* for first consultation by Trust. *Source HSC Nov 2018 & 2019 Waiting times for hip and knee surgery. A count of finished admission episodes (FAEs) with a main operative procedure of hip or knee replacement with a treatment waiting times of a) 18 weeks or more b) 52 weeks and more by hospital provider from 2009-10 to 2018-19 Newly released NHS England waiting times figures show that a 'wrecking ball' has been taken to targets for timely treatment, leading surgeons say today. The number of patients who had waited over 52 weeks in June now stands at over 50,000, and is thirty times higher than in February, before the pandemic. The number had almost doubled in the course of the month from May to June Data from NHS England shows 224,205 people in December had been waiting in limbo according to senior doctors - the highest number for any calendar month since April 2008. In December 2019.

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Tuesday March 23 2021, 12.01am, The Times Soaring numbers of patients on long waiting lists for NHS joint replacements are suffering pain worse than death, surgeons have found Referral to treatment waiting times. Within Hywel Dda University Health Board we aim that you wait the shortest time possible for treatment. The main waiting time targets set by NHS Wales are: 95% of people start treatment within 26 weeks of their referral being received. 100% of people start treatment within 36 weeks of their referral being.

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Weight loss surgery NHS waiting time varies across the UK and on average it is around several months. Weight loss surgery nhs waiting time varies from city to city and each year there is only a certain amount of money devoted to this sector. The waiting list depends on 2 factors: the funding amount and the number of candidates The following information is a guide to our estimated waiting times before pausing of treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Type of Treatment. Estimated Waiting Time (after preliminary investigations) NHS-funded treatment. A maximum of 1 year from the time you are added to the waiting list. Self-funded treatment

The current NHS Lothian outpatient waiting times are available via the link below. This will be updated on a monthly basis. Please note this is for routine patients only. These waiting times are determined by looking at how long patients seen in the last 3 months waited for their appointment Well i'm still waiting, for the booking appoint that is! Rang again yesterday and fortunately goto to speak with someone really helpful who basically said she'd look and see which of the 3 hospiatls within a 30 mile radius to me have the fastest gyno appoint where I will go and fill out the forms for surgery I guess Forced to pay thousands for surgery: Waiting lists mean there's only one option. Faced with a 12 to 18-month wait for a hip replacement on the NHS, housewife Barbara Price decided to do something she had never done before — she went private. After the 85-year-old's left hip suddenly 'went' due to wear-and-tear arthritis in June last. Regional NHS plans to support its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will receive a share of £160m to support initiatives to speed up access to treatment - NHS England has announced.. The plans will support the region's provider trusts to work collaboratively to reduce waiting times for people living across the North East and North Cumbria

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Waiting times for: Surgery. Medicine. Women's & Children. Radiology. The outpatient waiting times listed below indicate the approximate waiting time for each speciality. This wait starts when the hospital receives the referral from the GP until the point of being seen in an outpatient clinic On the NHS, part or all of your prostatectomy might be carried out by a trainee under the supervision of a more experienced surgeon. Generally, the waiting time for surgery is shorter: typically 2 weeks for private patients. This may or may not be important to you, depending on the severity of your condition. Greater flexibility regarding dates

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NURSES are to be trained to perform certain surgeries as part of new plans to halt a rise in NHS waiting times. The plans will see nurses given the option to take a two-year course to qualify as. The ex-serviceman had been informed he'd have to wait 12 to 18 months for NHS surgical procedure to right a disc downside that was inflicting horrible decrease again ache. But going privately, he waited simply two months from prognosis final October to having the operation (and this included a one-month delay as a result of his surgeon.

New figures show that as of February, waiting lists had hit record levels with 549,353 awaiting treatment or surgery - a 19% rise in a year. This is the equivalent of 17% of the Welsh population NHS will likely pre-approve ACL reconstruction but NHS ACL surgery waiting time can run into many months so it's just not realistic for you to be hobbled for so long or wear an ACL knee brace. NHS will pay for your reconstructive surgery abroad provided your doctor can demonstrate that having the ACL repaired now is medically necessary April 15, 2021 10:39 am (Updated 4:42 pm) The number of people in England waiting to start hospital treatment is creeping towards 5 million as the backlog continues to grow despite the fall in.

The waiting times information is based on the number of weeks it took for 9 out of every 10 patients to be seen following referral to an NHS Lothian outpatient waiting list. This information provides an overview of the time it may take for a patient to be seen and varies depending on the speciality I am hopefully going the non surgical route but like you say, if I had to have surgery then it seems like it could be 3 to 5 weeks of wasted time. I dont know, but I would suspect that most people on the nhs would have to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks to get surgery because there just arent enough surgeons or operating theatres available PrayingandHoping Wed 26-Feb-20 19:45:53. The wait times seem about right in my experience. 3 months if you are lucky got a consultant appointment at our nhs fertility clinic, even follow ups were meant to be 3 months but at worst were 6 months!! Good luck op. I hope u have a better experience than we did

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We regret that the waiting time for a first appointment with us is currently more than two and a half years. However once seen by a clinician for the first appointment you will be seen again between 3 to 6 months depending on your personal circumstances and needs. ('top surgery')? No. Referrals for NHS surgery need to come via the NHS. Advances in surgical technology mean that more operations can be done in day surgery. This means patients are under anaesthesia for a short time and do not need to stay in hospital overnight. At East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, we offer one of the biggest ranges of day surgery procedures in the country Thousands of predominately-male patients are being made to suffer in pain and, in rare cases, are at risk of death due to the NHS restricting access to groin (inguinal) hernia operations. In a report published today , the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Hernia Society have found that 57% of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are denying patients quick access to the procedure

Inpatient and outpatient waiting times for non-RTT specialties Referral to treatment Monthly data on ophthalmology outpatients who were waiting within their target date or within 25% beyond their target date at the end each month Nurses are to be trained to perform surgery in a bid to cut waiting times for NHS patients. Staff will attend a two-year course to become 'surgical care practitioners', with the ability to.

Radiofrequency Ablation: - A varicose carry less than one hour. The TriVex System makes the muscle pump promotes the leg vein problems. Additional weight increases pressure and focus this time gangrene and avoid cold environment plays a big part in develops. nhs waiting times varicose veins. B Complex Transitioning on the NHS. To medically transition in the UK, you have two options: private funding, or NHS. Privately funding your transition can get very expensive, and is not an option for many trans people: the initial assessments, and blood tests and HRT costs (if your GP is unwilling to prescribe on the recommendation of a private doctor; an arrangement known as shared care) quickly add. Once you are recommended for surgery, treatment is decided on a case by case basis, so if someone who is in desperate need for the procedure joins the list they may go straight to the top. The amount of time a patient is on the NHS waiting list can vary from anywhere between 3 months to 4 years, and during this time many patients have decided. Waiting times for laser eye surgery at a private clinic are significantly shorter than on the NHS. Whilst you typically only have to wait up to 4 weeks to have surgery at a private clinic following a consultation with an ophthalmologist, you can wait up to 18 weeks for treatment on the NHS following a referral from an optometrist or GP

Waiting time for cataract surgery on the NHS in the United Kingdom (UK) 2010-2015; Waiting time for knee surgery on the NHS in the United Kingdom (UK) 2010-2015; Waiting time for hernia surgery on the NHS in the United Kingdom (UK) 2010-2015; Costa Rica: cost of medical procedures 2017; Global hip arthroplasty market size forecast 2015-202 NHS 111 Wales - Surgery to remove a cataract. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please visit our Coronavirus Symptom Checker.If you have had Covid-19 symptoms for more than 4 weeks OR are concerned about ongoing symptoms, please click here.For more information about Covid-19, the vaccine and new variants, please visit the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales websites

Waiting times for elective treatment vary considerably by specialty. In February 2021, the specialties with the lowest percentage of patients waiting less than 18 weeks to start treatment were trauma and orthopaedics (52%), ear, nose and throat (53%) and plastic surgery (53%) NHS waiting time performance has dominated public and political debate since the late 1990s. In 1999, more than 50,000 people were waiting more than a year for hospital treatment - it is now just over 1,000. It was the 1999 death of a 38-year-old patient in the north of England, on a waiting list for cardiac surgery, that galvanised the Labour government to inject more money into the NHS, at. In the 1990s and 2000s the NHS made large investments in reducing waiting times for planned surgery. Waiting times remain low by historic standards, and GP referrals are flat, but in recent years treatment capacity has not grown fast enough to keep up with patient need, and the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks has been steadily. Speaking at a meeting of the IOW NHS Trust Board meeting, Mr Smyth did share good news, as services made progress — the longest-waiting patient for surgery has been taken off the list after waiting 94 weeks for their procedure. Now, the person at the top of the waiting list on the admitted surgery pathway has been waiting for 78 weeks

One of the stated targets of the IAPT programme is that for referrals finishing a course of treatment in the month, 75% enter treatment within 6 weeks, and 95% within 18 weeks 5.These are based on the waiting time between the referral date and the first attended treatment appointment 2. The waiting period starts from when the hospital of your choice receives your referral letter, or when the first appointment is booked via the NHS e-Referral Service. So the sooner you choose where to be treated, the sooner your surgery should be booked. 3. NHS patients have the right to choose where they receive NHS treatment It all depends on the hospital you go to and the size of their list. Generally hospitals have quite long waiting times. I suggest you contact the gynae receptionist or hospital admission line and ask how long the wait. I know if I went through NHS it would have been 12 weeks but my friend is in another area waiting and she's been told 35 weeks

If there is any suspicion of thyroid cancer surgery is usually scheduled within weeks. If not, it will depend on the length of the waiting list your thyroid surgeon has. Snoopy23 in reply to Clutter 4 years ago. Hi thanks Clutter, it seems like a long wait up to a year am hoping it will be much sooner. I need to ask my doctor to refer my for a. Waiting times for BUPA vs NHS (Consultation and then operation) Watch. Announcements but have to wait nearly 3weeks for the consultation. This is before they book me in for surgery. I know I definitely need it done, but the surgeon has to see me first. to top Related discussions At least 350,000 patients face waiting a year or more for NHS treatment, a leading analyst warned yesterday. And the cost of clearing the backlog could rise to £5.4billion, a healthcare charity. Number of patients waiting for NHS surgery at an all-time high. As the figures are released, Jeremy Corbyn attacks the Government's handling of the NHS and vows to inject £2bn into social care Stage of Treatment Waiting Times: General Data Quality issues NHS Board-specific data quality issues PHS and NHS Boards work closely to ensure that published Waiting Times information accurately reflects locally held data. During 2013 and 2014, all NHS Boards gradually moved to a new Treatment Time Guarantee (TTG) compliant extract

There were another 10,612 waiting for a date for either day surgery or surgery involving a hospital stay and we've contacted them too. We expect to see around 60,000 people for outpatient appointments every month but, in April, we saw just over half that number, 2,400 day cases compared to our normal 6,000 and 305 inpatients compared to 1,300 NHS Wales have drawn up their key objectives for hospital waiting times: 95% of referred patients should start treatment within 26 weeks. If the treatment required is too complex, or if the patient chooses to delay their treatment, the goal is to be treated within 36 weeks NHS waiting times show backlog caused by coronavirus. The number of patients waiting longer than 12 hours on trolleys in casualty departments quadrupled last month, in figures branded massively.

Even before the pandemic, the service was struggling to meet waiting time standards with one in six patients waiting more than the target of 18 weeks for routine treatment in January. The number. Average waiting times for elective care. Detailed below are the 'Median' and '95 th Percentile' for the: First Outpatient Attendance ('Referral Request Received Date' to 'Appointment Date') Waiting Time, and the. Referral to Treatment Wait for completed admitted pathways ('RTT Pathway Start Date' to 'RTT Pathway End Date') This costs the NHS millions of pounds each year and increases waiting times. So if are unable to attend or no longer require your appointment please let us know so we can offer it to someone else. If you have an enquiry about an appointment or you need to confirm or cancel it, please call 01324 566249 during normal office hours Get alerts. Private hospitals in England will be paid up to £10bn over the next four years to treat NHS patients in a bid to relieve pressure on long waiting lists at public health centres that.

NHS waiting times are a real thing, it turns out. I comforted myself with the assumption that the staff had made a decision that my condition was likely not health-threatening, and had moved me to. Website of NHS Tayside. Patients accessing acute secondary care services should be treated within 12 weeks for a new routine outpatient appointment and 12 weeks for an inpatient or day case admission (known as Treatment Time Guarantee) This is underpinned by standards for the maximum length of wait for a first out-patient appointment and also for an inpatient or day case appointment for admission NHS officials have introduced new limits which mean patients in some parts of the country will be made to wait at least three months for routine surgery, such as hip operations and cardiac procedures The Telegraph previously reported that patients in need of a new hip or knee are increasingly being left in agony for more than a year, as NHS wait times had risen 50 per cent in 12 months by. Waiting Times. The NHS has had to prioritise services since the outbreak of COVID-19. This means we are still prioritising those people with the highest risks. For example, patients who require urgent cancer treatments or surgery. As we continue to work through the challenges COVID has presented, we are doing all that we can to resume services.

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Hand and Wrist Surgery. In this section. Our team of experienced hand surgeons see and treat a range of hand and wrist problems, from the common to the complex. Many of our hand surgeons hold the Diploma in Hand Surgery and are members of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, and in addition to training in plastic surgery have undertaken. Data from NHS England shows that some 387,885 people had been waiting more than 52 weeks to start hospital treatment as of February 2021. This is the highest number for any calendar month since. The local NHS is making sure patients are aware that they can choose to have treatment at alternative hospitals that may have shorter waiting times. Local GPs are aware of the issue and are receiving regular detailed updates so that they can help patients make an informed choice about where they will be treated Waiting times. We follow the NHS England National Referral to Treatment (RTT) standards. Our patient access policy covers all stages of the 18 week Referral to Treatment pathway from referral through to discharge back to primary care, including our patients being managed on pathways subject to National Cancer Waiting Times The strategy to take this forward has been set out by the NHS in the document Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the Strategy Forward. The Cancer services team at Mid Yorkshire is constantly striving to achieve the high targets set by the Department of Health on waiting times and are meeting and exceeding the national standards