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CPT Codes 27332 - Arthrotomy, with excision of semilunar cartilage (meniscectomy) knee 27333 - Arthrotomy, with excision of semilunar cartilage (meniscectomy) knee 29868 - Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; meniscal transplantation (includes arthrotomy for meniscal insertion), medial or latera Code section 4660 - including section 4660 (b) (2) and the RAND data to which section 4660 (b) (2). 1 On September 14, 2004, applicant had a right knee arthroscopy, partial medial meniscectomy, and chondroplasty Primary degenerative joint disease, medial compartment, right knee 2. Degenerative medial meniscus tear, right knee SURGEON: Salvador Munoz, MD OPERATIONS: 1. Diagnostic arthroscopy, right knee 2. Partial medial meniscectomy, right knee ANESTHESIA: Spinal OPERATIVE INDICATIONS: This patient is 3 67-year-old with right knee pain Knee Arthroscopy Coding CPT codes 29866 through 29887 are used to report a knee arthroscopy

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To assign the correct code for the above procedure, check the CPT manual index under Arthroscopy, Surgical, Knee. Code range 29871­29889 is listed to the right of the Knee entry. To find the correct code, read each of descriptions. Be sure to assign modifiers when appropriate, as shown below Chondromalacia of the patella is reported with ICD-9 code 717.7. However, chondromalacia of the medial or lateral knee should be reported with ICD-9 code 733.92. The introduction of code G0289 for Medicare patients invalidates the use of CPT code 29877 when the chondroplasty is performed with another arthroscopic knee procedure

From a CPT® coding perspective, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage and meniscectomy are performed in the same compartment of the knee, then only code 29881, Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial or lateral, including any meniscal shaving), should be reported In addition, for the above outpatient case, you will need to assign the following CPT procedure code: 29881—knee arthroscopy, surgical; with meniscectomy (lateral or medial). Listed below are website links to the latest version of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy. The Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy are crescent-shaped bands of thick, rubbery cartilage attached to the shinbone (tibia). They act as shock absorbers and stabilize the knee. Meniscus tears can vary widely in size and severity. A meniscus can be split in half, ripped around its circumference in the shape of a C. The meniscal repair code definitions do not include chondroplasty, which may be separately reported when performed in a separate compartment. Can CPT codes 29881 and 29875 be billed together? The lateral synovectomy, CPT 29875, is inclusive in the lateral meniscectomy procedure reported with CPT 29881. Only the medial compartment will have a.

Whether you or one of your family members or friends is considering partial meniscectomy, or are scheduled for surgery, I understand this can be a stressful time. And you may have forgotten some of the information we discussed during our last visit, or forgot to ask me a specific question about what to expect patient's s/p arthroscopic partial medial or lateral meniscectomy. Arthroscopic partial medial or lateral meniscectomy, loose body removal or debridement protocol: The intent of this protocol is to provide the clinician with a guideline of the post-operative rehabilitation course of a patient that has undergone a partial meniscectomy In addition, a medial only meniscectomy was performed, which codes to 29881-51 (for multiple procedures)-RT. The diagnostic arthroscope is included as it is designated as a separate procedure. According to CPT, the chondroplasty is included in the meniscectomy code. Arthroscopic chondroplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure during knee arthroscopy. Specifically, chondroplasty is performed to smooth damaged cartilage in the knee in order to lessen friction in the joint. It is an option in cases of mild to moderate cartilage wear. During arthroscopy, the loose cartilage flaps and debris within the.

A meniscectomy is typically performed when you have a torn meniscus, which is a common knee injury.About 66 out of every 100,000 people tear a meniscus per year.. The goal of the surgery is to. Chondroplasty Of The Left Knee In A 63-Year-Old Female. The patient was seen as an outpatient with complaints of pain on the inner side of the left knee following a car accident. The patient has a history of ACL repair and medial meniscus surgery on the left knee about 5 years back form an outside physician 29881LT Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial or lateral, including any meniscal shaving), left knee. Coding Cautions. Some coders will be tempted to assign code 29877, which describes arthroscopy with debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty). Although chondroplasty of the knee (also known as notchplasty.

Arthroscopy with surgical procedure 128324006. Arthroscopy of knee with medial meniscectomy 86255002. Arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy 179381005. ancestors. sorted most to least specific. Arthroscopy of knee with medial meniscectomy 86255002. Arthroscopic meniscectomy 302490008. Arthroscopy of knee 309431009 CPT. ®. Codes. 13. 312.4. References. 15 (medial condyle, lateral. condyle or trochlea) and implanting the grafts in a mosaic-like . Meniscectomy (. partial or total) or meniscal repair is considered medically necessary when ALL of. the Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery. After a meniscectomy, your surgeon will likely advise physical therapy to put you on the best path toward recovery. The day after your surgery, you will need to see your physical therapist to: Change your dressings. Take initial measurements. Learn an initial home exercise program Arthroscopic Meniscectomy And Chondroplasty Of The Left Knee In A 63-Year-Old Female Management of a 60-year-old Male with Right Rotator Cuff Tear and Acromioclavicular Joint Arthritis Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) Reconstruction, Lateral meniscectomy and Chondroplasty of the Left Knee

about the effectiveness of therapy after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy. Dislocation of knee; Tear of medial/lateral cartilage/meniscus of knee;. DESCRIPTION RVS CODE ANNEX 2. LIST OF PROCEDURE CASE RVS CODE. ANNEX 2 . Excision of nail and nail matrix, partial or complete (e.g The CPT code for this diagnostic procedure is 29870. CPT Code for Right Knee Arthroscopy with Partial Medial Meniscectomy Knee arthroscopy on right sided knee can be performed with partial medial Meniscectomy. This procedure involves partial removal of medial meniscus under the guidance of arthroscope. Surgery involves only the right sided knee I recommended a right knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy. The risks, benefits and possible complications from the surgery were discussed in detail and the patient wishes to proceed. The potential risks include: Infection, bleeding, neurovascular damage, residual pain and dysfunction, recurrence as well as the surgery possibly not. Procedure Performed: Examination of the right knee under general anesthesia. Diagnostic arthroscopy with subtotal medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle. Under satisfactory endotracheal general anesthesia, the patient was placed supine on the operating table. The right leg was placed in a well-padded, thigh-holding.

Code 21920 for a procedure to the humerus of elbow. True. Code 29877 is used to report a surgical arthroscopy of the knee, with meniscectomy (medial OR lateral, including any meniscal shaving) including debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty) True. Sinuses located below the eyes: maxillary Right knee arthroscopy, chondroplasty of patella, arthroscopic lateral release. Examination showed localized chondromalacia of the lateral aspect of the patella that was smoothed with a shaver. Patient was noted to have small medial synovial plica that was trimmed with the shaver as well Coding arthroscopic knee procedures HCPro Coder Connection, December 14, 2005. Read through the following operative report and see if you can choose the appropriate ICD-9 and CPT-4 code(s) to report this arthroscopic knee procedure: Preoperative diagnosis: Tears of medial and lateral menisci of right knee From a CPT® coding perspective, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage and meniscectomy are performed in the same compartment of the knee, then only code 29881, Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial or lateral, including any meniscal shaving), should be reported. However, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage is performed in one compartment of the knee. A Medicare patient has an outpatient right knee arthroscopic medial chondroplasty with a right knee arthroscopic lateral meniscectomy. Code G0289-RT along with CPT 29881-RT. 2. A Medicare outpatient has a left knee arthroscopic foreign body removed from the medial compartment and a left knee arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Medial/Lateral Partial Meniscectomy Post-operative Rehabilitation Protocol. Phase I: Day 1 to 2 Weeks. Brace • Knee immobilizer • TED hose to be worn until ambulation has returned to normal pre-surgery level or two weeks • Crutches: weight bearing as tolerated. Goals • Decrease inflammation and swellin Subchondroplasty® (SCP®) Procedure Coding Reference Guide The Subchondroplasty® Procedure is a minimally-invasive, fluoroscopically-assisted procedure that targets and fills chronic subchondral bone defects - also known as bone marrow lesions - using AccuFill® BSM, a hard-setting bone substitute. The procedure is usuall

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Effects of Functional Exercise Training on Performance and Muscle Strength After Meniscectomy: A Randomized Trial. Scand J Med Sci Sports, 19, 156-165. Kellin BM, et al (2009). Effect of Early Active Range of Motion Rehabilitation on Outcome Measures After Partial Meniscectomy. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthroscop, 17, 607-616. Logerstedt DS. Right Knee Arthroscopy, Partial Medial & Lateral Meniscectomy, Chondroplasty and Synovectomy of the medial and femoral condyles. SKU: KS006502 8.5 x 11 Electronic PDF - $99.0 CPT codes 29866-29887 are used to report knee arthroscopy procedures. HCPCS code G0289, Arthroscopy, knee, surgical, for removal of loose body, foreign body, debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty) at the time of other surgical knee arthroscopy in a different compartment of the same knee, is also used in some instances for Medicare claims Diagnostic arthroscopy with this technique can be safely performed in less than 10 minutes using only 150 mL of arthroscopic fluid. Partial Medial Meniscectomy. Therapeutic procedures can be performed in a 2-handed fashion by maintaining the camera in its sheath with the help of an assistant to maintain the camera in place

INDICATIONS FOR OPERATION: The patient is a (XX)-year-old gentleman with a history of right knee pain. He is status post left side meniscectomy with satisfactory result. He was seen in clinic secondary to ongoing right knee pain. Imaging studies demonstrated a right medial meniscal tear

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Instability of patella, left knee. OPERATION: Left knee arthroscopic lateral meniscectomy. Left knee arthroscopic chondroplasty of the patella and the medial femoral condyle. MPFL reconstruction using gracilis allograft and biocomposite 4.75 SwiveLock x2 in the patella, 6.0 mm biocomposite interference screw in the femur Dr. Jeremy Johnson - OrthoCarolin

Exhibit depicting the arthroscopic surgery of a right knee with a complex lateral meniscal tear, synovitis, a chondral fracture of the patella tibial plateau, and a loose body. A major synovectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, and chondroplasty are performed. The loose body is removed. Please call 1-888-999-0410 for custom sizing and other. Short description: Oth tear of medial meniscus, current injury, left knee, init The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM S83.242A became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of S83.242A - other international versions of ICD-10 S83.242A may differ Microfracture knee surgery, which is used to address chondral defects, was originally developed to decrease pain while restoring mobility to high-demand athletes. The procedure began to gain popularity with the general public after successful outcomes were seen with several prominent athletes. By recognizing isolated full-thickness chondral. Let's say an arthroscopic medial meniscectomy is performed with an arthroscopic lateral chondroplasty of the knee. Commercial: If the account is a commercial account that follows AMA guidelines, we would report CPT codes 29881; 29877-59. Medicare: If the account is a Medicare account, we would report CPT codes 29881; G0289-59 A chondroplasty is an outpatient procedure used to repair a small area of damaged cartilage in the knee. The damaged tissue is removed, allowing healthy cartilage to grow in its place. The procedure is performed through small incisions on the sides of the knee with the aid of a small video camera called an arthroscope

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Meniscectomy and chondroplasty. A 30-year-old member asked: Altered Knee Forces: Anywhere: The most common orthopedic procedure is a knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy. It means we can all perform it and it is difficult to find out which surgeon performs it best. A better question is would be whether a surgeon will spend. An arthroscopic meniscectomy of the knee was planned for a patient. During the procedure, the scope was inserted but the patient went into respiratory distress and the procedure was terminated. What CPT modifier would be appended to the CPT code (29880) for the physician's services The exhibit depicts arthroscopic surgery of the right knee, featuring chondroplasty of patellofemoral joint, plica reconstruction, synovectomy, medial meniscectomy, and injection of medicine into the surgical site. This file is in PDF format & designed for creating the highest quality printouts at 30 x 40 inches

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specific contralateral condition that has been diagnosed, and the ICD-10 code for that . A meniscectomy can be a full or partial excision where a torn flap or damaged description rvs code annex 2. list of procedure case - PhilHealth. www.philhealth.gov.ph. Excision of nail and nail matrix, partial or complete (e.g., ingrown or deforme Top 25 Ambulatory Surgical Center Procedure Codes Ranked by Paid 29881. Arthroscopy knee surgical; with meniscectomy including decompression of. subacromial space with partial acromioplasty 29880 Arthroscopy knee surgical. ; with meniscectomy (medial and lateral including any meniscal

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  1. The exhibit illustrates arthroscopic surgery of the right knee to treat post-traumatic patellofemoral syndrome, chondral fractures of the patella and femoral condyle, synovitis, and medial meniscus tear. Synovectomy, chondroplasty, and partial medial meniscectomy procedures are performed to reduce pain and improve knee joint function
  2. Take knee arthroscopy, for example. If an arthroscopic partial medial or lateral meniscectomy is performed, the appropriate CPT code is 29881. If an arthroscopic medial chondroplasty (29877) or.
  3. What does a partial meniscectomy surgery involve? While some meniscus tears can be repaired (sewn back together), most require the inner, torn part of the meniscus to be removed. The surgeon uses small scissors and a shaver placed through small arthroscopic portals to perform this partial meniscectomy
  4. I am pleased to say I am one of the lucky ones. I had right knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy as well as femoral and patellar chondroplasty. My recovery was amazing. I no longer ache. I was on crutches for the first day, then went to one crutch do to lack of mobility
  5. The exhibit depicts arthroscopic surgery of the right knee, featuring chondroplasty of patellofemoral joint, plica reconstruction, synovectomy, medial meniscectomy, and injection of medicine into the surgical site. Please call 1-888-999-0410 for custom sizing and other options

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Knee Meniscectomy/Meniscal Repair/Meniscal Transplant. The Surgeon does not need to request a separate authorization for the Synovectomy. This is included in the Knee Meniscectomy authorization. 2. MULTIPLE CPT CODES Will the ordering Physician need to enter each CPT procedure code being performed the Surgery Appropriate draping of the right knee was done and then a timeout to verify the correct patient and procedure was performed. Tourniquet was applied and an arthroscope introduced into the suprapatellar pouch where a chondroplasty of the patella for the chondromalacia that was identified was performed

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Right knee medial meniscal tear osteochondral defect medial femoral condyle. OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: Right knee arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy, chondroplasty medial femoral condyl Fig 6 (A) Arthroscopic view, right knee, central portal visualizing the medial compartment including the medial femoral condyle (MFC), medial tibial plateau (MTP), and medial meniscus (MM). (B) External view, right knee, depicting the needle arthroscope in central portal and cannula in the medial portal for visualization of the medial compartment Coding. Choose board. Save Left Knee Medial Meniscectomy and Chondroplasty. Educators and Students: freely download thousands of medical animations and illustrations when your school library subscribes to the SMART Imagebase. Saved by vahid RAHMANI. Meniscus Surgery Knee Arthroscopy Cpt Codes Medical Billing And Coding Nursing Profession.


  1. Grade 3 changes of the patellofemoral joint, left knee. Procedure Performed: Video arthroscopy; partial medial meniscectomy; chondroplasty of the patellofemoral joint with the removal of multiple loose joint bodies, left knee. Gross Findings: A 51-year-old male who has developed a floating loose joint body around his left knee
  2. ed again. Arthroscopic pictures were taken. Chondroplasty of the inferomedial patellar facet was performed and pictures were taken. Partial synovectomy of the t he medial femoral gutter was performed. The knee was irrigated and washed thoroughly. Closure of the knee was performed using.
  3. 1. Spahn G, Klinger HM, Muckley T, Hofmann GO. Four-year results from a randomized controlled study of knee chondroplasty with concomitant medial meniscectomy: mechanical debridement versus radiofrequency chondroplasty. Arthroscopy. 2010;26:S73-S80. 2. Spahn G, Hofmann GO, von Engelhardt LV
  4. Therapeutic arthroscopic techniques for knee joint osteoarthritis include debridement and/or chondroplasty, partial meniscectomy, osteophyte excision, joint lavage, and loose-body removal. At the time of the arthroscopic assessment, in addition to a chondroplasty and debridement of the articular surfaces, the surgeon may also address exposed.
  5. Arthroscopic Chondroplasty. Arthroscopic chondroplasty is commonly performed during knee arthroscopy. It is utilized for treating incidentally-foundchondral lesions during surgery. It can also be utilized for small areas of superficial cartilage damage in patients that experience joint pain, suffer from arthritis and have associated mechanical.

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  1. Z5333 is a billablespecific icd 10 cm code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes. From a cpt coding perspective if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage and meniscectomy are performed in the same compartment of the knee then only code 29881 arthroscopy knee surgical. Start date oct 21 2016
  2. Under procedure performed, the surgeon states that he performed a partial medial meniscectomy of the left knee arthroscopically. Since arthroscopy identifies the procedure performed, you will look in the CPT index under that term. These codes are divided into Diagnostic, Surgical and Unlisted. Obviously you will look under Surgical and.
  3. A meniscectomy is an outpatient, elective surgery to remove the torn meniscus in your knee. It's typically done as an arthroscopic procedure. This involves small incisions, about a centimeter long, that your surgeon used to insert an arthroscope (a small surgical camera) and small instruments for the removal of part or all of the meniscus

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It is incorrect to report an arthroscopic two-compartmental synovectomy, CPT 29876 in this case. The lateral synovectomy, CPT 29875, is inclusive in the lateral meniscectomy procedure reported with CPT 29881. Only the medial compartment will have a final synovectomy reporting of CPT 29875. Medial = 2987 Arthroscopy is a surgical technique that can be applied to perform the following types of procedures: Diagnostic surgery. Meniscal repair or resection. Removal of loose bodies. ACL and PCL reconstruction. Synovial biopsy or synovectomy. Chondral defect repair, including microfracture Arthroscopic meniscal debridement is one of the most common procedures performed in orthopedics. It is typically very successful in decreasing symptoms and allowing patients to return to their normal activities. The fact that the patient has torn the meniscus increases their risk of arthritis over the next 15 to 20 years medial meniscus of the left knee (current injury). Appellant stopped work on January 4, 2016 to undergo left knee surgery. In a January 4, 2016 report, Dr. Bond detailed the left knee surgery he performed on that date, including extensive synovitis, partial medial meniscectomy, and chondroplasty of the patella, trochlea Report HCPS code G0289 for arthroscopy, knee, surgical, for removal of loose body, foreign body, debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty) at the time of other surgical knee arthroscopy in a different compartment of the same knee. Claims for arthroscopy of the knee (CPT Codes 29870-29887 or 29999) submitted wit

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  1. M17.12 is used for the Unilateral primary osteoarthritis of knee but it is in the right knee so the modifier will be used. M23. 239-RT is used for the Derangement of medial meniscus. 29870-RT is for the arthroscopy, right knee and the 29881-RT is for the meniscectomy If you need more information please comment below I hope this will help yo
  2. Coding for Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in ICD-10-PCS. In ICD-10-PCS, arthroscopy goes to the root operation inspection, which is defined as visually and/or manually exploring a body part. Therefore, an arthroscopy of the right knee is classified to code 0SJC4ZZ, and arthroscopy of the left knee is classified to code 0SJD4ZZ
  3. An arthroscopic meniscectomy is a surgical procedure in which the doctor uses an arthroscope to look inside a knee joint and removes or repairs all or part of a damaged meniscus in the knee. A meniscus is a piece of rubbery tissue (fibrocartilage) between the bones of the knee joint

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Arthroscopic Debridement (Chondroplasty)/Loose Body/Foreign Body Removal Arthroscopic debridement (chondroplasty), loose body removal, and foreign body removal are considered medically necessary when ALL of the following criteria have been met: Function-limiting pain (e.g., loss of knee function which interferes with the abilit ARTHROSCOPIC KNEE SURGERY REHABILITATION PROTOCOL . MENISCECTOMY, SYNOVECTOMY, CHONDROPLASTY . GENERAL GUIDELINES - The local anesthetic (similar to novacaine) in your knee lasts 6-12 hours - Start taking the pain medication as soon as you start to feel any pain - Stay ahead of the pain with your pain medicatio

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1. Torn medial meniscus, right knee. 2. Torn lateral meniscus, right knee. 3. Osteochondral fracture, intertrochlear groove, distal right femur. 4. Multiple large loose bodies. OPERATIONS PERFORMED: 1. Arthroscopy, right knee, with partial medial meniscectomy and partial lateral meniscectomy. 2. Patellar and femoral chondroplasty using. Left knee surgical arthroscopic procedure depicts partial lateral and medial meniscectomy, chondroplasty of the undersurface of the patella. SKU: KS0046b02 8.5 x 11 Electronic PDF - $99.0 Joint repair, by scope (Outpatient) $ 3,850. Pricing Details. $3,850. Cash. Arthroscopic knee surgery; abrasion arthroplasty (includes chondroplasty where necessary) or multiple drilling or microfracture. Meniscectomy, partial, medial and lateral, by scope (Outpatient) $ 3,850. Pricing Details