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Report Finds Clear Gender Gap in College and Career Readiness

According to a new report from college and career preparation firm YouScience, 44% of high school girls showed aptitude for careers in architecture and engineering, while 0% of them did when using interest-based tools rather than aptitude-based tools. expressed interest in Evaluate student talents, abilities, and career paths. The Post Graduation Readiness Report Part II provides insights from a survey of more than 500 of her recent graduates on how ready they feel for their careers after high school. increase.

“Where interest-based tools primarily reflect what students already know, aptitude measures are often less recognized, known and unknown, which can surprise students, teachers, and parents. talent,” YouScience said in a report. and lack of human resources. The researchers also point out that female students are not encouraged to consider careers in engineering or technology, so lack of knowledge about these choices leads to lack of interest.

Part I of the College Readiness Report, released in November 2022, found that 75% of all graduates were ready to make college and career decisions, despite a graduation rate of up to 86%. was not shown. Of those, 57% reported having had five or fewer conversations with a teacher or counselor about post-graduation opportunities with him, and 80% said, “If only I had a better understanding of my qualifications and potential career opportunities.” I would have been more enthusiastic about my studies.”

Key findings from Part II of the report include:

  • Sixty percent of women who graduated from high school reported not having enough college or career options, compared to less than 30 percent of men.

  • Male graduates (78%) also reported having more conversations with teachers and school counselors about post-high school opportunities than female graduates (63%).

  • 45% of men feel they have a job they love or are on a good career path compared to 27% of women.

  • 68% of men are where they want their education or career path compared to 57% of women.

  • Only 50% of women reported knowing that CTE (career technical education) courses were available compared to 70% of men.

YouScience said in an executive summary: In a Career Insights report, the company said: Female students have a high aptitude for technology careers. ”

YouScience currently serves over 7,000 educational and career institutions, providing aptitude-based assessments, personalized career guidance, and industry-recognized certifications based on research and industry opinion offers an integrated college and career preparation platform that For more information, visit the YouScience site.

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