Robbie Gould career earnings: How much money 49ers kicker has made during 18-year NFL career

Robbie Gould may not make the same headlines as legends Adam Vinatieri and Justin Tucker, but he is quietly beginning to rank as one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history. .

That reliability was shown in the 49ers’ wild card playoff victory over the Seahawks when Gould accounted for 15 points with four field goals and three extra points. Gould has never missed a kick in his playoff career and is just a year away from eliminating the Packers with a game-winning field goal in frigid temperatures.

With the 49ers well-positioned for a Super Bowl, Gould has a chance to shine as a senior politician on one of the NFL’s best teams.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Gould’s career earnings during his long and lucrative NFL career.

Robbie Ghoul Career Earnings

Gould has earned $47.8 million in 18 NFL seasons, almost half of which has come from the 49ers.

In just six seasons in San Francisco, Gould made $22.5 million with the 49ers, including $4 million this season.

According to Spotrac, Gould ranks third all-time in career wins by a kicker behind Sebastian Janikowski and Vinatieri. Gould is set to set the record in a year or two pending free agency as he trails Janikowski by just $5.5 million.

How old is Robbie Gould?

At 40, Gould is the fourth oldest active NFL player. He trails only Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, Cowboys OT Jason Peters, and Cardinals pitcher Andy Lee.

Despite being one of the oldest players in the league, there’s no reason to believe Gould’s momentum is waning. Kickers tend to age gracefully, with Vinatieri turning 47 at the end of his last season.

He’ll be a free agent in the spring, but it would be a surprise if the 49ers weren’t interested in his return.

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Robbie Gould Stats

Gould ranks eighth all-time with an 86.5% field goal percentage. Some of the young kickers in action now are ahead of him on the all-time list, so it’s still possible that some will fall short of Gould when it’s all over.

Gould also ranks eighth all-time with 447 career field goals, behind all-time greats at the position. He has just 25 field goals, which is shy of moving to sixth all-time achievable next season, considering he has made 27 field goals in the past season.

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Most importantly, Gould has never missed a kick in the playoffs. not one. He has a flawless record on the field in goals he scored 25 of 25 and extra in points he scored 37 of 37.

In 2022, Gould was 27 of 32 on field goal attempts and 50 of 51 on extra point attempts.

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