Robinson career night, Remigio gets invite

Central Valley sports headlines on Monday included the former Fresno State big man’s continued interest in the NBA and the Bulldog wide receiver’s promise to attend the prestigious All-Star Game in early February. It included being invited.

Orlando Robinson hits NBA career high

MIAMI, Fla. – Former Fresno State big man Orlando Robinson has already had a few ups and downs this season between the Miami Heat and the G League, but is now back in the NBA. A strong case for a more permanent stay there on Monday.

The absence of Miami starting center Bam Adebayo in Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves gave Orlando the chance to play a bigger role, and he took advantage of the opportunity.

In 27 minutes of action off the bench, Robinson had a career-high 15 points (7/9 FG) and a career-high nine rebounds, seven of which came on the offensive end.

After the game, Robinson said in an interview with the Barry Sports Sun, “When I came out, I just wanted to attack the board and do whatever I could to help win.” I was focused on doing it, and it happened.”

“Orlando was playing good every time he was on the floor with us. “He’s 7-9 against Rudy Gobert. It’s a pretty good game. How many rebounds did he have? 9 rebounds. That’s a great game, wait.” Please, he recorded 7 offensive rebounds, it’s a good game for the guy but honestly it’s great to see. I am proud to be.”

Bulldog wide receiver heads to college All-Star game

FRESNO, Calif. — Departing receiver Nikko Remigio at Fresno State University accepted an invitation to play in the university’s All-Star game, the East-West Shrine Bowl, so he had a chance to impress NFL scouts in early February. I plan to get Thursday night, February 2nd at his Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Two of his former Bulldogs teammates, wide receiver Jalen Moreno Cropper and running back Jordan Mims, had previously accepted game invites.

The game will be televised by the NFL Network and, according to the game’s website, “about 125 top college seniors in the nation will be recruited by hundreds of NFL scouts, professional agents, and all-rounders leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft. media.

Remigio played a year for the Bulldogs this season as a graduate from Cal, finishing second on the team with 74 receptions and 852 receiving yards, and leading the Bulldogs with six receiving touchdowns.

He also had two rushing touchdowns and returned two punts for the score, including against Boise State in the Mountain West Championship Game.

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