Ryan Turell has career night for Motor City Cruise

Detroit Pistons fans didn’t get too excited this season.

With the league’s worst record and the absence of Cade Cunningham this year, we’re all but relegated to seeing the progress of two rookies and Cillian Hayes.

Isaiah Stewart’s development into one of the best shooting forwards in the league was also a pleasant surprise, but otherwise it was a lost season for the Detroit Pistons.

If you were expecting help from the G League, you won’t be holding your breath. Especially since they too have been wrecked so far this season, with no true standouts, especially considering the majority of the roster is wrong. 25 year old side.

They recently released Braxton Keys (the only player still in the NBA) but inexplicably retained Buddy Boheim.

One of the only things to watch for is the progress of Ryan Turell, who is about to make history by becoming the first Orthodox Jew to make the league.

He has had some interesting moments this season. Last night was a career night for him and he showed what he can bring to the NBA.

Detroit Pistons: Ryan Turell scores career night

Ryan Turell hasn’t done much this season, but I don’t know if it’s because of his fan club.

He’s averaging just over 8 minutes and averaging just 3.5 points per game, so Turell was largely sidelined on Cruise despite pulling off one of the funniest spin moves of the season. .

Turrell could have scored a few more runs after last night as he scored 21 points on 8/10 shooting in just 17 minutes. Turrell led all college players in scoring last season, so we know he can get the ball into the hoop like he did last night.

Turrell showed off a complete attacking bag as he took some bounces hard, finished around the rim, and hit some long-range shots as well.

While he still has a long way to go to become an NBA player defensively, his offense may eventually be noticed by teams looking for impact and immediate offense off the bench. With nothing to lose at this point and definitely a young scorer in the pipeline, he could be called at some point this season.

Motor City Cruise hasn’t been good this season, but I hope they can use the rest of the game to improve and showcase some of their talent.

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