Science professor says challenging university diversity and climate initiatives has been ‘career suicide’

A science professor who left the University of Alabama has warned that higher education institutions are “obsessed” with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and his career may be over as a result. I don’t think so.

Dr. Matthew Wilitski, whose Twitter thread about his upcoming departure went viral, attended “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday to discuss how the university’s stock push influenced his decision to resign. and how climate warnings are hurting young students.

“All decisions in academia, whether student acceptance for grant funding or not, are based on this lens of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Wielicki. “This is the exact opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King, whom we celebrated last week, was talking about judging people by their character content, which we no longer do in academia.” not.”

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA – October 22, 2010: The University of Alabama sign in front of the College of Nursing building. This building was recently constructed in the southeast corner of the campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA).

Wieliczki and Polish immigrants earth science professorhis decision to quit his role was largely personal, but the “rise of illiberalism” in his profession made the choice “easier”.

“These results [minority] Student grades are not improving. This has become part of the way universities try to build virtue signals by the number of minority students, without worrying about whether minority students are successful after they graduate from college. And I think that’s the exact opposite of what we should be thinking when we’re teaching our students. “

Additionally, Wilitski said the “fake climate emergency” is affecting the mental health of young people.

“I see that this constant catastropheism is robbing them of their ambitions,” he warned. I’ve said that I don’t think it’s a wise idea to raise children in the world and I’m not going to have a family anymore. , teach me how to take responsibility and make sacrifices now so I can have a brighter future.”

Wielicki, who calls himself a “classic liberal,” said he wasn’t sure there was room for him and people like him to move forward in the university system.

“It was clear that speaking out about climate change, the DEI, etc. was career suicide,” he said. “I hope someone like me who has gone through this will be able to argue more … just by asking a question or arguing, you become a heretic and an outcast. ”


Fox News Digital reached out to the University of Alabama for comment but did not receive a response. University of Alabama is a public research university serving more than 38,000 students.

Fox News Digital recently announced that top Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) employees at a major public university earned huge six-figure salaries in a major initiative that some experts judged ineffective. and instead enforced “political legitimacy”.

Joshua Nelson of Fox News contributed to this report

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